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Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablet – Will It Be the Next iPad Killer? [VIDEO]

First and foremost, I would recommend that you turn on your speakers and amplify your bass when you watch the released video or this new Microsoft’s teaser featuring Microsoft SURFACE tablet.  The new tablets called Microsoft SURFACE – a 10.6-inch wide display with Gorilla Glass, its own stand and a full-size USB port was unveiled by Microsoft a few hours back in the recent event held in Los Angeles.  According to Microsoft, their own mobile-friendly Microsoft SURFACE tablets will be officially released and shipped this fall.

Surface By Microsoft

Microsoft is now joining the slated tablet bandwagon with their newest and soon to roll out Surface with their own Windows 8 operating system. Probably the decision came out after the continuous downfall of PC sales in the market. And looking into Apple’s success story about their reigning iPad line up, it made Microsoft to come up with their own tablet product. It’s not only Apple that is enjoying the soaring growth in tablet sales – look at most of the Android’s version of tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab line ups. We also have the Amazon’s Kindle tablets which is also considered a strong competitor of the two giants.

Will these new Microsoft Surface tablets the next Apple’s iPad killer in the market? This is something that we all love to see once the aforementioned company released their Windows 8 tablet to the tech-consumers. We’ll be seeing their sales statistics and how will the people adapt and love their new product.  However, analysts says that with Microsoft joining the tablet industry is going to add more challenge with some of the known companies like Samsung, ASUS, Amazon, Apple, and many more. First, they own the operating system which is the Windows 8 so any enhancements or innovations that is needed for their tablet hardware won’t be hard. Another is price and value. Apple is known to be pricey with their products and with Microsoft stepping in the industry, we will surely expect a little bit reasonable price for all the tech-consumers. There’s nothing concrete really right now to say but this Microsoft Surface looks promising.

The device sports Microsoft’s in-house Windows 8 operating system. The display is a 10.6 inches supported by Gorilla Glass. It also comes with its own stand and a full-size USB port support, dual Wi-Fi antennae, a multitouch keyboard and a trackpad. The new Microsoft Surface is also thin having a 0.5 inches thickness and will be coming out with either 64GB or 128 of storage. These are just the overview of what’s to expect from this new Microsoft product coming this fall.

Here’s the video released by Surface called “Surface by Microsoft” on YouTube.

Do you think there’s really a big chance for Microsoft here to beat all of those tablets now seating in the front row of the industry?

[Source: USA Today]

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