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LG Launches Their Own Cloud Services For Three Screens

LG launches their own “three screens” BETA LG Cloud services starting May 1. Cloud services is now considered as one of the hottest buzz not only in the Internet but also in the world of smartphones. I am not exaggerating things but the tech-consumers’ are like those people waiting for a shopping center (on-sale) to open just for free virtual drive and almost all of the users worldwide wanted to have their own fair share of that free extra virtual disk space to allocate and save their files – that includes me. 🙂



So far here’s what I know about cloud services or virtual drive for smartphone users – there’s the SkyDrive for Microsoft, Google Drive for Android, and iCloud for iOS devices. And also there’s the most popular and generic virtual drive among them all – Dropbox – which is one of the main features of some of the Android smartphones like HTC handsets.

LG Cloud services (BETA) offers a different kind of virtual drive that can be enjoyed mostly by those “loyal” LG consumers. Why? It is simply because that with LG cloud services, you can enjoy viewing and watching your contents from “three screens” – from your LG smartphone to your desktop PC to your LG smart TVs. The company claims that this is the first of its kind.  This simply means that you can access your files (contents, photos, videos, etc.) across all those aforementioned smartphone and appliances.

LG Cloud app From Google Play

Features of LG Cloud

Here are some of the overview features of LG Cloud. Before anything else, you will need to download the LG Cloud application for this application to work. You can download the LG Cloud app on your smartphone from Google Play by either searching for the phrase “LG Cloud” or from this link. You can also download the application from LG Cloud website.

Download LG Cloud

1. Provides a Perfect N-Screen environment – This simply means that you can shoot a photo or video then you can immediately check it out on your PC, tablet, laptop or even on your smart TV – real-time.

2. Large Personal Virtual Storage – According to LG, new users of their app will enjoy a 5GB standard free storage.  And when a tech-consumer buys or purchased a LG smartphone or LG smart TV, they will enjoy a six-months free 50GB virtual disk usage.

3. Optimal viewing and streaming performance – This is one of the pride of LG claiming the difference of their cloud against all other cloud services. A real-time transcoding features that makes listening to music, viewing photos and streaming videos faster as compared with other services.  LG is using Real-time Streaming Transcoding technology that lifts the burden from your smartphone or any device from converting or decoding the media files.  The conversion of these media files happens on LG’s server itself so there’s no need for any codecs or converters – it works seamlessly.

4. Saves and stores your files automatically – With “Mobile Auto Upload”, any photos or videos taken will be automatically uploaded in the cloud for you to enjoy and access it anywhere.

Are you ready to take the plunge?  If you ask me, this will make LG Android smartphone users happier with more additional rooms to save their files – imagine this, they can now enjoy three virtual drives at the same time.  They can now access Dropbox, Google Drive, and LG Cloud. 🙂

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