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Tougher Smartphone? iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S III Drop Test

It’s been days since the new Apple iPhone 5 was released and months for Samsung Galaxy S III. And whenever there’s a new flagship smartphone released from these two giants, there’s one part that I am always dying to see and that is checking which of the two new handsets is the toughest and most durable. This can only be done through a real-life scenario “drop test“.  Here’s a quick recap of the events that we have seen for the past few days. When Samsung Galaxy S III first came out, its followers were so delighted when they’ve seen the specifications and features of this new flagship smartphone from Samsung. Then Apple iPhone 5 came out and every Apple fans rushed to the nearest retailer to get one and in just few days all the pre-order stocks of iPhone 5 were depleted.  Now the fun part came out and that is the ads came out from each companies that made even their followers poking each other bragging which smartphone is the best.

Tougher Smartphone - iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S III Drop Test

Now that we’re all aware and almost familiar now with the features and specifications of each flagship smartphones from these two mobile giants, how about checking now which of the two will survive the drop test?  The video below was a drop test review from one of the reputable Android blog site named Android Authority.  And from the video they made a couple of test based from the most common unexpected accidents where people tend to drop their phone – unintentionally.

Let me guess what’s on your mind now, since this iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III Drop Test video review came from an Android-based blog site the outcome will be most likely predictable. Well, there’s only a way to find out and that is for us to watch the tests made and be the judge.

So, whether if you are an Android fan especially a follower of Samsung products or an Apple iPhone guy (or gal), your feedback will be much appreciated. 🙂

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