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iPhone Karaoke – Turn Your iPhone 4/4S Into Your Personal Karaoke

I have only two hunches why you are reading this article, it’s either you love to sing and most of the time you spend your relaxing hours by going to Karaoke bars OR you are a little bit curious about how you can turn your iPhone into a Karaoke -hence, called the iPhone karaoke. Whether I am right or not, still, I was fascinated and curious as well when I saw this iPhone kit where you can plug your iPhone device straight into your television set and sing like how you do it on a regular Karaoke bar (we call it videoke here).  You can now sing with all that hidden emotions and sing like you are one of the stars in a soap opera or even like a real pro.

iPhone To Karaoke

The whole package where you can convert your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into a Karaoke is nothing fancy really when I checked it from The Hammacher Schlemmer.  It’s nothing compared to the real-thing videoke or karaoke setup because it this iPhone Karaoke gadget will let you see only the lyrics and plays the music once you hook it up into your television set through an iPhone docking station, a microphone and component cable which are included in the package.  This was made possible also by a customized application which is also included when you purchase this gadget for a price of $79.95.

However, there are things that I can’t helped myself but notice with this gadget. Although it’s so cool if I could have my own personal iPhone Karaoke setup, I long for more features about this package.  One of which is the set of songs. When you purchase this, it only includes five songs like All You Need Is Love (The Beatles), Don’t Stop Believing (Journey), and Cry Me A River (Ella Fitzgerald). But the distributor didn’t mentioned anything about how much are the other 7,000 additional songs if you plan to add more songs into your iPhone Karaoke.  Also, when I looked into their advertisement showcasing their product – I just wished they’d put something in the background while displaying the lyrics and playing the music like the real thing.

But on a positive note aside from being able to sing and owning your personal iPhone Karaoke, the docking station which is included serves also as your iPhone battery charging station.  The whole iPhone Karaoke is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch.

Enjoy singing!

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