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Meet iCoat Finger: The First iPhone 4/4S Case With Stylus From Ozaki

Here’s another spotted and cool Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case that was tipped to me by one of the official distributor here. Do you want to know what’s cool about their iPhone 4/4S case? This is the very first time I am looking into an iPhone case which includes a stylus. Yes, a stylus with your cool iPhone 4/4S case from Ozaki! This is good news for those people with fingertips that won’t fit with iPhone’s keypad or even bigger than the icons and widgets of the said Apple phone. Another advantage that was considered here is for those applications where the stylus can become quite handy. One of those popular applications is the popular Draw Something App where you can impress your friends more while you flaunt your iPhone 4/4S’ stylus.
Ozaki iCoat Finger

The iCoat Finger iPhone 4/4S casing was made and introduced by a company named Ozaki which happens to bag the Red Dot Design Award Winner for 2012. They have introduced to the world the first “complete” protection for your iPhone 4/4S with the power and versatility of the bundled stylus. The stylus is not the main feature of this iPhone 4/4S casing check out the design as well. The stylus is not situated on the usual side-pocket, rather on the back of this iCoat Finger case – so don’t expect the stylus to be the same as your regular pen. The dimension of iCoat Finger is 4.75 x 2.5 x 1 inches and weighs 8.32 ounces.  And they come in some cool color combinations of black-yellow, red-white, yellow-black, and white-grey. Here are the features of Ozaki iCoat Finger:

  • Built-in stylus that is attached on the back of your iPhone 4/4S case
  • Slide design which makes it easy to use and carry
  • With anti-scratch for your screen when flipping down
  • Scratches, dust and damages FREE to protect your iPhone 4/4S

Ozaki iCoat Finger for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

You can buy  Ozaki iCoat Finger here in the Philippines for Php 1,495.00 through MSI-ECS and you can reach them through [email protected] +63.2.688.3181.

The Ozaki iCoat Finger case for iPhone 4/4S is also available from for $44.99 only if you are eyeing on buying this cool casing.

Watch this Ozaki iCoat Finger for iPhone 4/4S casing from  The Chris Voss Show.

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