iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter Review For Selfie Enthusiasts

Here’s our (almost) complete iPega Bluetooth remote shutter or should I say wireless shutter controller review which I know that most selfie enthusiasts will love more when taking pictures. We had our fair share to test the iPega bluetooth remote shutter on almost different smartphones today. And in this article we will provide you a little bit of information before you selfie enthusiasts even try to invest or buy your own remote shutter to take pictures from your iOS phones like iPhone 4S, iPhone 5s with iOS 7 or Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S2, LG phones. From unboxing iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter, how to operate the remote shutter, and what are the supported smartphones of iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter.

iPega Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter

I bought the whole selfie set from my colleague, Sandro Banquiles, which includes the monopod with smartphone clip, iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter, and clip lens (macro, fisheye, and wide lens) for Php 1540.00 or almost $37 USD – not bad. The iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter alone costs Php 580.00 or $13.28 USD.  Now that I have the complete set, I was more fascinated with the iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter because my iPhone 4S doesn’t have a camera timer. I know you will suggest me to why shouldn’t I download other iOS applications from iTunes App store if that is my only problem. For starters, if you haven’t noticed it, the stock camera app of iOS maximizes the full feature of it’s camera unlike those third-party apps which is either filtered or gives you a chance to edit it – more close to being photoshopped. I like raw pictures – it’s my own preference. So let us start with our iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter review now.

iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter Specifications

The iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter comes in four colors – blue, black, white, and pink. I got myself the black version. And inside the box you will 3 important things – the iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter, Micro USB cable, and of course the manual. One thing that you will like about this handy bluetooth remote shutter is that it was designed to be a keychain – trendy and fashionable. With this, you can bring it anywhere or attach it you your monopod handle – neat!

The iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter is also called remote control self-timer. Probably this is because you can decide whether when to say cheese before pushing that shutter. And with this handy little device, you don’t need to install any applications or additional software just to make it work. You just need to pair it with your smartphone’s bluetooth and once paired then you just need to select what version you are using – iOS or Android. That’s it! You can now click then and there.

Unlike the old version of iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter, it uses a disposable battery which makes it impractical and frustrating. The new version, PG-9019, it comes with the Micro USB cable to enable you to charge the built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 130mAh and which can take 60,000 after you have fully charged it.


There are five buttons and three light indicators on each iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter. They are as follows:

  1. Power button
  2. Bluetooth pairing camera
  3. Pre-configured camera app for iOS
  4. Pre-configured camera for Android
  5. Camera shutter button
  6. And of course those light indicators

This Bluetooth  device can trigger your iPhone camera or Android camera up to a distance of 10 meters radius – well that’s pretty far to take a picture of your whole school ground with you on it. 🙂

iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter Supported iOS and Android devices

  • iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5s, or any Apple device with iOS version 5.0 and above
  • Samsung i9220, i9250, i9300, i9500, i9190, Note 2, Note 3
  • HTC-G14
  • Rezound
  • G22

How iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter Works

  1. Power on the bluetooth remote shutter and wait until the LED light turns on and flash
  2. Press the Bluetooth pairing button
  3. Then turn on your smartphone’s or device’s Bluetooth and search for your iPega Bluetooth device. Usually the name of the device is the model number. For example, mine is PG-9019 and that’s the one I see from my list of available Bluetooth device which ready for pairing.
  4. Once paired, on your iPega Bluetooth device select the corresponding device version – iOS or Android.

That’s it! You are now ready to shoot!

Downsides of iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter

You cannot please everyone and this device is not an exemption. It works as is and as expected but if you are looking for more then maybe this is not the one you are looking for. So here are some of the downsides of iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter.

  • No indicators whether the lithium battery is fully charged.
  • As mentioned above, not all Android smartphones will be compatible with this remote shutter. If you attempt to use it for smartphone that is not compatible with the device, different outcome will happen once you hit that camera button.
  • The iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter is not working with third-party applications like Instagram, Camera 360, and others.
  • The shutter does not work with self-timer – well who does that really? 🙂
  • You will need to download the iPEGA Bluetooth controller app to have your wireless shutter controller activated.

Android’s only salvation…

There’s hope if you still wanted to purchase iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter even if your phone is not in the list. iPega suggested from its manual to download the software camera.apk from the following links below. This is the Android APK (IPEGA Bluetooth Controller App for Android)

Me and my friend from created this video below to share with you how iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter works on iOS and Android smartphone.


There you have it folks! Enjoy!

By the way, if you know someone or if you have tried your smartphone with iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter and it is not working, please comment below with your mobile model and version so that we can help others.


  1. The shutter cannot activate in my xperia Z and xperia L phone, I don’t know what to do. please need your reply.

    1. Hi Kasper, are you using the same iPega bluetooth remote shutter? There’s a link in the article you can use as alternative.

    1. Hi Kasper, have you tried this – ?This is Ipega camera alternative app. I am not sure if that will work either. We have not tested iPega remote shutter with Xperia so we are not certain. I have a relative who owns Xperia and as soon as we meet again I will try to check for any alternative application for your shutter to work.

  2. we try the iPega remote shutter on Galaxy S4 Zoom, however its not work properly using his original camera apps. when we click the capture key on iPega, the response on galaxy S4 zoom is on hold mode only and not continue to capture.. however it capture properly if we use the instagram app..

    1. Hi Mr. Ben, I think it is a known issue that the IPEGA remote camera shutter will not work on all Android devices that is why IPEGA released their own version of camera. The link is in the article or you can use the Google Camera app. 🙂

  3. Doesn’t works on my samsung galaxy s4 zoom .. can you help me what the best app for my phone .. so that I can use my ipega bluetooth shutter TIA guys

  4. good day! im having a hard time with my shutter. maybe its not compatible with my cherry mobile apollo. i tried the link u gve but what to do there? thankyouu

  5. hi sir RC.. I’m also having issue with my Ipega Shutter. My ohone is Cherry Mobile Flare HD and yes its an Android phone. I hope you can help me. I tried to download the one that is on the link but it doesn’t open. And my phone is not compatible with the Google Camera.

    1. Hi Kristine, are you near Ayala? Maybe we could try to test it while we are in the office. It’s hard to say something or recommend especially since we haven’t seen or tried using that phone. 🙂

  6. I’m from Caloocan Sir. Others told me that its working in other cherry mobile phone. I just don’t why its not working with mine.

    1. Oh by the way sir. I tried to download the Camera Software.. then I got But I can’t open the file. May be you can just help me in this. Thank you so much.

      1. Hi Kristine, that’s pretty odd. Where did you get the zipped camera app? From the article above there should be no zipped camera app file. Can you try downloading from the links again mentioned above?

  7. Is it possible that the red light indicator for charging does not light up when it is fully charged? Even when you tried to plug in?

    1. Hello. It works with Camera 360 on Android phones. Like Lenovo and Huawei.

      When connected already, instead of Android, click iOS then use it on Camera 360. 🙂

  8. Hi Sir. I was able to download now the Camera.apk (dropbox). Now the problem is whenever I connect or pair my phone to the ipega shutter, it would pair but the led light that would indicate that it is connected to android wont lit up. Then I tried ut to iphone and Galaxy Tab3 and it worked. It shiws in my phone that it is paired but its not working.

  9. sir the ipega bluetooth shutter is paired to my o+ imagine its an android device but the led is still flashing slowly the light is not on the arrow pointing the android button please help

    1. Sorry Dino, I have not tried since I don’t know someone who owns Lenovo S930. But you can try downloading IPEGA’s Camera app.

  10. Mine too i got my ipega yesterday. But it’s not working with my cherry mobile omega hd 2.0 android 4.2 po kami… please help. Php500 din bili ko dito sa online shop… Syang naman…. Yung links po ayaw mag open e. How to???

  11. Naidownload ko na po ung camera apk na nasa link. Pero yung shutter mismo po ang hindi kinikilala ng cp? Or vice versa? Yung light indicator for android or ios nde po gumagana. Yung indicator lng ng connection sa pairing anglagi ngbblink. Pls help asap. Salamat po ha….

  12. I bought ipega coz i tot it wil work on my lenovo S920.. i already download the camera.apk but it doesn’t work… is there anything i can do so that i can use it??? Please help…

  13. Hi sir. I’m using Sony xperia J. Camera apk already downloaded pero yung led light Lang for pairing yung umiilaw. Ayaw po mag switch sa ios/android button. What do I have to do po? Thank you 🙂

    1. Looks like your smartphone is not compatible. The first thing that should happen is for your Sony Xperia J to be able to detect the iPega remote shutter during Bluetooth pairing. If your phone can’t detect the shutter then I don’t think it will work.

  14. Greetings sir Arsie. I also have the Ipega Bluetooth remote shutter but my problem is I cant get the unit to turn. also I have plugged into my laptop for 3+ hours and still doesn’t turn. is there a problem with the unit? I would like to hear your advise and answer to my problem. Thanks 😀

  15. Hello there. Im using samsung GT-I9100G.. android 4.1.2. could u pls help me?I couldnt search my ipega bluetooth shutter when trying to pair it with my phone. What should I do?

      1. I use it on my Samsung s4 ,. It works.
        Use Pre-configured camera app for iOS for Camera 360 And Beauty Plus Camera.
        Pre-configured camera app for android for camera default Samsung .

  16. Hi my phone is GALAXY POCKET GT-S5300 my ipega just came in the mail a while ago but when i tried connecting it on my phone. It doesn’t worked. The prompt box said SORRY HID DEVICE is not supported on your phone. But im really desperate i really want to used it. I dont want to end up.wasting money. I hope you can help me 🙁 thankyou.

  17. I just received mine today and found out that it’s working on Camera 360 :). I’m using iphone 4. :/ I was disappointed on my monopod since it didn’t fit on my ipad mini. 🙁

  18. Hi sir, i got a problem in connecting my iphone4 to ipega bluetooth shutter.. I can use it before then suddenly can’t connect anymore, “make sure pg-9019 is turned on and in range” keep on popping everytime i try to connect… What to do? Pls help.. Thanks!

  19. Good morning sir!

    I bought my ipega remote shutter about a month ago. It works perfectly on my alcatel but it doesn’t work on Myphone a919. The problem sir is the same with the others, i paired it to my phone but the light still blinking. Suppose to be, if it connected, the ios or android should light. Please help us in this problem.
    More power!


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