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Introducing Desklab – The Best Portable Gaming Monitor

The Best Portable Gaming Monitor

Passionate gamers spend hours each day in front of their screens. Whether they’re trying to beat their own records or are simply exploring gaming walkthroughs, they often rely on portable monitors for a smoother gaming experience. But Desklab isn’t like any regular portable monitor – it’s much more.

If you’re looking for an additional screen to upgrade your gaming setup or want to transfer your smartphone games to a 15-inch play station, keep reading. We’ll introduce you to Desklab, the best portable gaming monitor that can help you achieve just that.

The Ideology Behind Desklab

The Ideology Behind Desklab

The engineers behind this powerful gadget wanted to create a piece of tech that would speak to ordinary users and help them transform their everyday experience with technology. While most manufacturers limit the advanced features on their devices, or only reserve them for premium options, Desklab follows a different path. 

The device is fully equipped with all the connectivity ports you can think of, and it comes with high-end display features and is incredibly lightweight. The creators have managed to pack all these premium features into an affordable gadget, thus creating what’s arguably the best portable gaming monitor out there. 

But let’s learn more about it below.

Desklab’s Basic Features

1. 4K Resolution

4K Resolution

Desklab is one of the few portable monitors on the market with 4K resolution. There’s also a 1080p version at a lower price but with the same premium features. Both versions share LED backlighting, anti-glare and blue light filters, and an ultra-responsive 15.6-inch touchscreen.

2. Universal Compatibility

Universal Compatibility

This monitor is designed to be efficient in every sense of the word. Not only is it space-efficient due to its compact design, but it also supports universal compatibility, so users don’t have to rely on special cables and adapters to connect Desklab to their devices. 

There are two USB-C, an HDMI, a micro-USB, and a 3.5mm audio jack for a seamless connection with any other device. You can connect just about any smartphone, laptop, smart TV, or gaming console without a hitch.

3. Plug and Play

Plug and Play

The Plug-and-Play technology makes it even more straightforward to use Desklab. Users simply need to connect their device of choice to the monitor using a cable, and the latter immediately mirrors the content. No installations or additional drivers are needed, regardless of the operating system.

4. Ultra-Responsive Touchscreen

Ultra-Responsive Touchscreen

Desklab has an ultra-responsive touchscreen that makes for a more immersive 4K experience. This feature can be extremely handy for smartphone gamers and those who want to declutter their gaming space from a keyboard or a mouse. In addition, touchscreens improve accessibility and allow for a faster and better operation.

Who Can Use Desklab?

There are no limits to who can benefit from this 4k gaming monitor’s great features. Here are the advantages for most gamer types:

Mobile Phone Gamers

Mobile Phone Gamers

The mobile gaming market value in North America is estimated to be $25.2 billion U.S. It’s a giant industry with more and more gamers entering the market each day. 

Most users rely on their 6-inch mobile phones to interact with their favorite titles. However, Desklab is a great opportunity to transfer that experience to a 15.6-inch ultra-responsive 4K screen. There’s more than twice as much room for precision and record-breaking moves in some games.

Laptop or PC Gamers

Laptop or PC Gamers

Laptop and PC gamers who play on a single screen can benefit from this ultralight portable gaming monitor in multiple ways. First, users who don’t already own 4K screens can experience their favorite games like never before. They can then use an additional screen for multitasking to avoid losing productivity levels during game time. Finally, they can save money on full-scale second monitor equipment for performing simple tasks.

Gaming Console Users

Gaming Console Users

Xbox or PlayStation users who are attached to their consoles can relax knowing they can take them along on their next work trip, family visit, or camping adventure. This lightweight monitor fits just about any travel bag so that players can enjoy uninterrupted gaming anytime, anywhere.

Desklab: The Best Portable Gaming Monitor – Explained

If you were wondering why Desklab is considered the best 4K touch screen monitor for gamers, you have all the answers now. Besides being portable and lightweight, it offers premium display features most of its similarly-priced competitors lack. Smartphone, desktop, and console gamers can benefit from these features depending on their preferred game types.

Learn more about this powerful device by visiting the official website:

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