HTML5 Games: Play Command and Conquer Online With Your Browser

I am not sure if you still recall this strategy game called “Command and Conquer” or if you have played it before. I am talking about the original Command and Conquer game that can be played standalone or with your friends through LAN. This is one of the famous games when I was still in college and we often stayed late just playing this game. How about HTML 5, does it sound familiar to you? If you are not familiar with HTML 5, this is the fifth generation or revision of HTML. Still lost? Alright, to make it simpler it is another web programming language that enables you to view a certain website – all of its layout and contents. However, HTML 5 is still under development so this means that not all of the websites you visit is not yet adapting HTML 5. I won’t go down to the details of HTML 5 since this is not actually the topic I want to share with you.  Actually, with HTML 5 most of the flash games will soon go away and will be replaced by this new programming structure.  And you will probably see more HTML 5 games recreated from the original all-time favorite games from which you played before.  And one of which is this HTML 5 online game Command and Conquer I spotted.

HTML 5 Command And Conquer

I spotted this new HTML 5 online strategy game Command and Conquer and was recreated by Aditya Ravi Shankar. This HTML 5 game is not yet finished and is still under development, although you can actually complete one mission with his beta version.  The original intention of  Aditya Ravi Shankar was only to improve his coding skills and used the famous game from Westwood Studios, Command and Concquer as his model project.  Having said that, do not that this game will function the same way as with the original strategy game.  And yes there are still flaws in the game – what do you expect it is still in BETA version.  But according to the developer, he is always updating this and it is always pointing to the updated version of the game.  Here are some screenshots I took when I gave it a shot.

HTML5 Game Command And Conquer

Command And Conquer Winning the game

Your mission here is to to create a base through your MCV, then build a power plant and weapons factory. With your weapons factory build as many tanks you can and destroy all the enemies. Then you win! The problem when I tried this is you won’t see your tanks exploding and there’s no sounds. Nevertheless, it is still fun to see old games like this and I can play it whenever and where ever I am for as long as I have an Internet connection. By the way, for better performance use either Google Chrome or Firefox instead of any other browsers like Internet Explorer.

If you want to check this HTML 5 Game Command and Conquer, check this out here.

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