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HTC One Family Now In Philippines – Pre-launched By Digital Walker @ Bloggers Night

For those who have been reading my posts,  it was only last February when I wrote the article featuring HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V which was first seen in the recent MWC 2012 held at Barcelona Spain.  And yesterday after almost a month I’ve heard one great news – the HTC One family is now in the Philippines! The HTC One pre-launch was facilitated by Digital Walker on their recent event HTC ONE FAMILY Bloggers Night @ Digital Walker Eastwood last night.

HTC One Digital Walker

Last February, when I learned about the HTC One family I went to the nearest official HTC retailer in our place and asked them if they know when will be either  HTC One X, HTC One S or HTC One V available on their shop. The only respond I got was that they don’t know and they don’t even knew that there’s such a new set of HTC One smartphones coming on their way. The shop I am talking about is the HTC store at SM Cyberzone The Annex North EDSA – too bad.

Well, so much for that and let’s get back to the main event. Actually, I saw the invite through a Facebook wall post from HTC Philippines that Digital Walker will be holding a pre-launch of HTC One on their shop prior to last night, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend.  The invite was made for all bloggers whom would like to cover the exclusive HTC One Family pre-launching. Thanks to Digital Walker for letting me post this information and share with you all.

The HTC One Family pre-launch was filled with tech bloggers and what’s more exciting and fun about the said event was someone got the chance to win a HTC One V and that is Kevin Cosca – Congrats!

Here’s the suggested retail prices (SRP) for HTC One X and HTC One V from Digital Walker since I already posted the overview specifications of the aforementioned smartphones on my previous article with videos.  The HTC One S, according to Digital Walker will be available on the third quarter this year.

Prices of HTC One X and HTC One V in the Philippines

  • HTC One X Php 34,000.00
  • HTC One S (Soon on 3rd quarter)
  • HTC One V Php 16,500.00


The prices mentioned above is still subject to change anytime and may vary depending on the HTC retailer where you will buy your own smartphone. At least you will have a gauge about the price ranges of HTC One smartphones.


Here are some of the photos from HTC ONE FAMILY Bloggers Night @ Digital Walker Eastwood but the complete set is on Digital Walker’s official Facebook fan page.

For more information and photos from the recent HTC ONE FAMILY Bloggers Night @ Digital Walker Eastwood, check out their official Facebook fan page here – Digital Walker.

(Disclaimer: All photos posted here are courtesy of Digital Walkers. Congratulation once again to Digital Walkers for the successful event.)


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