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HTC One S Chipping Problem: “Immediate Fix” – HTC Offers To Customers

Well, that’s an early sign of “soon-to-be” going away HTC mobile customers now that they’ve come to know that there’s one finishing design problem with the recently launched HTC One S. Early owners of the hyped HTC One family, specifically the HTC One S, in the UK reported that the edge or the impact-prone side of this slim smartphone can easily be damaged. Although, I must admire HTC for taking responsibility and offering “immediate fix” for this dilemma I still couldn’t believe that they’ve missed this one. Moreover, HTC says that there are only few isolated incidents or reports about this issue. Still, this may cause the company to lose some customers especially for those who are new to their products.

HTC One S Chipping Problem (Image:The Verge)
HTC One S Chipping Problem (Image:The Verge)

During the time when HTC announced their HTC One family/series, the company highly boasted their so-called Micro Arc Oxidation (MAO) metal finishing technique. This process according to the engineers who made this innovation said that the technique they used for the HTC One series is unique making it different compared with the other handsets. The process makes the HTC One casing a complete ceramic surface – a metal treatment and not just a mere coating, HTC says. The video below shows the complete MAO process made by HTC and how they explains it for all of us.

Going back to the HTC One S chipping problem on the impact-prone side, The Verge actually asked HTC directly about this on-going problem and asking for a more detailed resolution and what does the company meant when they said “immediate fix”.  According to the update, HTC said that the “immediate fix” was for the consumer to immediately return those damaged or chipped handsets back to the retailer (where the end-user bought the HTC One S), and HTC will be making the fix themselves.

Before you commit such an embarrassing scene dragging yourself to the store where you got your handset, you should know first one important detail. First, you’re HTC One S should be within the 30-day full warranty period (this actually depends and varies by country).

The target release date of HTC One S here according to Digital Walker will be sometime in the third quarter this year.  I wonder how our local HTC retailers will deal about this problem when someone reported the same chipping issue.

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