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How to Unlock an iPhone XR And Its Benefits

Imagine a world in which you knew how to unlock iPhone XR. Close your eyes and picture that liquid retina display beaming. Now, I want you to envision being able to decide when you change network providers (all the while keeping your XR). I want you to know that all this is possible.

Unlocking your phone opens up a ton of possibilities. So today we are going to explore what these possibilities are and how you can get them. Basically, we have laid out the foundation and paved the way in hopes to help you learn how to unlock iPhone XR. Along the way, you will discover, that this is such a simple task. You will also get to finally experience the freedom that you deserve.

How to Unlock iPhone XR Using Your IMEI

An IMEI is a special set of digits that is individual to your phone.

So, you may not know this but, you can actually find the IMEI for iPhone XR by just simply reading the steps below.

From the Home Screen, select the Settings App. Then, scroll to and select General. Select About. Finally, scroll down to view the IMEI.

You can also easily access your IMEI number by dialing *#06# from the dial pad. Then, your IMEI number will show up on the screen. 

If you can’t use one of the methods posted above, you can use the box that your iPhone came in when you bought it. Just have a look at the outside packaging stickers to find the IMEI number right on the box.

It is clear to see that you must know this special array of digits in order to unlock your iPhone XR. It is in fact, crucial to the process of it.

Why Does an Unlocking Service Need My IMEI?

The main use of an IMEI number is to make an unlock code. The code is then put on the phone. Once the code is in, the phone will change its configuration settings. In doing so, the phone will work with any network just so long as you have a valid SIM card.

To generate the unlock code, there is the use of an algorithm. Thereafter, the website of your choice (we will provide one in the list below), will unlock your iPhone XR for a price much lower than that of your current provider. What happens next is, the people at this company work extra hard to decipher what the algorithm is that unlocks the XR. Then, Viola! They sell you the code at an extremely low rate.

It is also very important to realize that the use of an IMEI number occurs because it is exclusive to the phone and not the software. 

Benefits for When You Learn How to Unlock iPhone XR

The iPhone XR has a beautiful display, a lightweight frame, and a haptic touch. Wouldn’t it be nice to get even more out of this device? Well, it is certainly true. There is definitely a wide array of things that are noted for making an unlocked iPhone XR the way to go after purchasing the device. You can always deal with getting a little something extra out of a device you own right? So, below we have listed some of the benefits of unlocking your iPhone XR.

  1. You can unlock your XR anywhere you choose. That’s right. I said ANYWHERE.
  2. If you decide to resell your device down the road, then you will be ready to find out that unlocking your XR increases the value of the device by up to a 300% mark-up! This is thanks to being able to accept other carriers.
  3. Using the same phone for 2 GSM carriers has never been simpler! All you have to do is switch SIM cards out.
  4. Do you plan on traveling abroad in the near future? Once a device unlocks, you can use the local SIM cards for the area you are in. You can even use international SIM cards. The aim here is to avoid those ridiculously high charges from your carrier while on the road. Carriers generally charge a whole lot more than what it would cost to just switch out the SIMs.

To Unlock iPhone XR, Read Here

If you want to start the process of unlocking your iPhone XR, you must get an unlock code. This will make the SIM lock on your XR dissipate. There will always be a ton of websites that will claim to sell you an unlock code. The trick is discovering one that is really about the business. So you will need to pick the one that is good for you. Scams are un-necessary, and we have found out a way to get past them and unlock your XR for good. 

You too can learn how to unlock iPhone XR

The unlocking process is unreal at You just fill out their simple unlock form. Then, sit tight, and wait on them to figure out what your unlock code is. When it is ready for you, you will get an automated email from them. Then you follow through their easy set-up video on how to put it in your phone and Bingo!, you have successfully unlocked your iPhone XR!

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