How To Setup IPEGA Remote Bluetooth Gamepad Controller

Ipega remote Bluetooth gamepad controller PG-9025 – this remote Bluetooth gamepad another Ipega product that me and my friend from will review. Well, we will show you how to setup this one of the best remote Bluetooth gamepad from Ipega PG-9025. Most new users finds it difficult to setup or configure Ipega gamepad controller – you are not alone. We also had difficulties at first when we first tried it on HTC. And because of that we are providing you this simple steps to setup your Ipega remote Bluetooth gamepad controller, PG-9025.

UPDATE: If what you have right now is the IPEGA PG-9028 remote Bluetooth gamepad then you should check my other PG-9028 configuration tutorial. Or you can read how to connect your IPEGA PG-9099 Wolverine Bluetooth, too.

IPEGA Remote Bluetooth Gamepad Controller PG-9025

Last week, we featured here one of Ipega’s product for selfie enthusiasts called iPega Bluetooth Remote Shutter PG-9019. And now it’s time for gamer like me who’s not satisfied playing games on my smartphones and/or tablets like Android smartphones, iPhone, iPod, iPad with just using the on-screen controllers. The feel and touch of those buttons and/or joystick from the on-screen controller is nothing compared to the real gamepad. That is why we’ve tried using the IPEGA remote Bluetooth gamepad controller and test if that will give us that satisfaction while playing handheld games for Android and iOS.

We tested IPEGA remote Bluetooth  gamepad first on Android smartphone – HTC One M7.  And then on iOS device iPhone 4S (iOS7). Below are some of the details of our review.

IPEGA Remote Bluetooth Gamepad Controller (PG-9025) Specification

The IPEGA remote Bluetooth gamepad is portable and small that you can carry around anywhere. And if the device is fully charged then you can enjoy playing simulator games for almost 20 hours.  Here are some of important details and specification of PG-9025:

MODEL: PG-9025
MATERIAL: Plastic (but the touch and feel is like leather)

  • Android 3.2 (minimum) and above
  • iOS 4.3 (minimum) and above

CONNECTION: Bluetooth version 3.0 + HS

BATTERY: This device uses a built-in lithium battery where you can easily charge anytime through USB.   The IPEGA remote Bluetooth gamepad charging time is up to 2-hours and can be used to at most 20 hours game time or 100 hours if on stand-by mode.

HIGHLIGHTS: PG-9025 sports a telescopic holder that can support any device with a max height of 5.5 inches. Also, you can check out 5 multimedia button controllers enabling you to remotely work with your multimedia apps like when you wanted to adjust to volume, play a song, and many more. Since PG-9025 also works with the use of Bluetooth, you can access your smartphone within 6 – 8 meters (I just wonder how are you going to play with your Android or iPhone with that far! LOL!).

How to setup your IPEGA Remote Bluetooth Gamepad Controller For Android

IPEGA Remote Bluetooth Gamepad Controller PG-9025 HTC One M7

The steps and video below will provide you an overview and step-by-step guide on how you can setup or configure your controller with Android devices. The video from my friend Petiksmode used his HTC One M7 to pair with IPEGA PG-9025 remote Bluetooth gamepad.

  1. Install iPega Game Center English version from the links below. This will serve as your IPEGA remote Bluetooth gamepad driver for your Android device. The file is an APK file named “IPEGA Game Center_ENG.apk“. If you are not familiar with how to install an APK application on your device, you can check it from The file size is 18MB so you need to check your Android phone if you still have enough space for the install file and installation process.
  2. Once you have installed the IPEGA Game Center successully you need to enable BitGames IME as default input.
  3. Then turn on the controller by pressing Y + Home button simultaneously. Wait until the red LED indicator blinks as it pairs with your device.
  4. Once the red LED indicator blinks, you need to open now your IPEGA Game Center application from your Android device. Go to mydevice and bind controller.
  5. A console will open. This will help you calibrate your controller.  Try moving the joystick and the buttons.

That’s it! You are done. You can now open the supported games for you to start playing.


How to setup your IPEGA Remote Bluetooth Gamepad Controller For iOS

If you are using an iPhone, iPod Touch, and or iPad iOS devices then there’s no need for you to install anything. You just need to pair your IPEGA remote Bluetooth gamepad controller with your device.

  1. Turn on the controller by pressing B + Home button simultaneously and wait for the red LED indicator to blink.
  2. Go to your iOS device, then press Settings – Bluetooth.
  3. Swipe your Bluetooth to enable it.
  4. Wait until you see IPEGA Media gamepad controller. Eventually it will automatically pair with your device.

That’s it, you can now go back to Home and select the games you wanted to play!

The good and the bad story of using IPEGA Remote Bluetooth Gamepad Controller

Here comes the good and the bad part if you are planning to sport IPEGA remote Bluetooth gamepad controller (PG-9025) for your device. And before you even attempt to buy one for your device, I think you might want to read the following first.

[warning]DISCLAIMER: The following information was tested only on some selective smartphones which were readily available when the device was bought. So whatever we have here may be incomplete and we are most welcome for any contributions you may want to add by placing your comments below.[/warning]

For Android smartphone users…

Good news for you guys! It is because Ipega remote Bluetooth gamepad controller PG-9025 works like a charm for Android smartphone users. Most specially if you are using the latest model with more than one processor and faster GPU. When we tested it on HTC One M7, we were truly amazed because almost all of the available cool simulation games from Google Play works. You can select from a wide variety of Adventure, Racing, RPG, Shooting, and many more.

We will put up a separate post showing all the games we have tested using IPEGA PG-9025.

For iOS smartphone users…

There’s nothing really much to say on this end… I am not even jumping for joy since my primary smartphone is iPhone. And I envy my friend who’s using Android. LOL!

IPEGA Remote Bluetooth Gamepad Controller PG-9025 iPhone 4s

Why am I in despair right now and quite disappointed? It is because you can only play a handful type of games that will be compatible with iPhone. And to be honest I’ve tried some of the popular games from iTunes and from the 10 games I’ve downloaded only 2 of them actually worked – PAC-MAN and Temple Run. Well, for any consolation the 5 media buttons works remotely to adjust my iPhone’s volume and play music. 🙂

But Wait…  iOS Users There’s Hope…

Although I haven’t tried it yet and I don’t want to do it, there’s actually hope for iOS device users. And that is to have your iPhone jailbroken and install an application called “Controllers for All”. This is an iOS Cydia tweak by cjori which will enable you to use the remote Bluetooth controller. This will work and tested on iOS7 however, you need to purchase it from Cydia at a cost of $1.99 USD. Not bad.. that is if you will Jailbreak your device first. Otherwise, you will be stuck with iCade games as this seems to be the only games supported by IPEGA for iOS devices.

In the end..

Well, in any product there’s always a good and bad side and it’s again proven for this product. I was completely amazed using the controller with Android device but that excitement suddenly dropped when I tested it on my iPhone. That is why I am only rating it with 3 stars.

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How about your experience with IPEGA remote Bluetooth gamepad controller (PG-9025)? Unfortunately, I’ve failed to make this work on MyPhone Agua Rio. You can also read and try here another method to setup IPEGA gamepad controller without using any app.


  1. hi i follow your step one by one, but during i wanna bing the controller its says did not fit the equipment:
    ipega media gamepad controller 00:17:02:01:D0:9C 1F00

    what shoult i do??when start the test program its not work.

    please help. TQ

  2. hi i’m using sony z1, i can’t get my ipega 9025 to connect with my phone. when its try to connect with my phone it ask for pin code to pair it with each other. kindly help me. bought this 4 over 1 week but can’t play with it since then until now

  3. I was fustating about how to connect my new ipega 9023 to my Lenovo K900. I already follow the manual instruction, read so many web/forum, but no luck.

    But.. It work after follow your step!! The key is “IPEGA Game Center_ENG.apk“. All is work after install that apk (Previously already try so many apk, but not work, including apk from the manual instruction).

    So.. thank you mate. Great post. Really help me.. 🙂

  4. Should I root my phone before connecting the controller?? Can I use this on my Samsung galaxy s4 (os:4.4.4) and Samsung galaxy ace3 (os:4.2.2)

  5. Does it work with local phone such as my cloudfone 402d2 – How can I connect it with laptop because it has no response even if its already connected and detected as HID keyboarb mouse and gamepad altogether , it has no functionality at all?

  6. Anybody else have problem connecting ipega 9025 gamepad to PC?

    I’m trying to connect this gamepad to PC using a Bluetooth 3.0 dongle but you can’t do anything with it.

    Yes you can connect it but that’s it.
    PC detect it as other device not mice, keyboard or gamepad.

    I have read that people success to pair and use ipega gamepad but their device is detected as mice, keyboard or gamepad.

    Can somebody shed a light to my problem here?

  7. Do you know if enabling BitGames IME as the default input is safe? It gave me a warning that all the information that I I type goes to BitGames, even passwords. I test-bound it to my old tablet first, and I want to make sure before trying it on my phone (Sony Z2).

  8. Bought this last week on Lazada for 899PHP and I had no problem connecting with my Samsung Tab Lite 3.I enjoyed plating RPG Games. What’s nice about this is you just need to put your tablet on an escalated place then game on. If your tablet has mini HDMI, that would be more exciting since you can connect your tab to your TV. One thing I noticed is when you re-connect the device it will not be recognized so you need to delete the device name on your bluetooth history. If asked for Pin of Passcode just type “0000” which is always the default pin for bluetooth devices. Have Fun!

  9. I have connected by my daughter’s controller to her ipad and it controlling the volume, but nothing else is working – can you help?

  10. help naman po na try ko kasi palita ng firmware yung ipega ko na pang ps3 firmware. nag install kusa ng pani bagong driver. naging USB Device na siya . pag pindot ko ng HOME yung SEARCH at CHARGE sabay nag B-blink hindi narin po siya ma detect sa bluetooth… yung ginagamit kung pang palit ng firmware hindi na siya ma detect para mabalik ko sa dating firmware…

  11. I need help with my Ipega 9025. It seems I connected to my windows 7. but i cant calibrate the controller. I tried it on Pes 2016, its not working. Please advice

  12. Boss, bat saken ung s bind device?? Null ung nakalagay s mga pag pipilian , null ung ipega game pa na option, na kiklik ko sya pero di sya gumagana,

  13. If you are using this controller (and most other ipega) on a non rooted Android phone, the most universal mode of connection us this: uninstall any controller apps you have installed, even the one from this article. Go in to Bluetooth settings and delete any previous pairings with the controller. Then on the controller hold X+Home to enter an alternate pairing mode as a generic IME device. It should pair just fine without asking for a pass code. When you are done with the controller turn it off by holding the home button until it turns off.

    This confirmed works on Galaxy S3, S4, S6, S7, LG G4, G5, V10 Sony Xperia Z Android 4+

  14. May ipega 9025 po ako na bind KO na sa unit KO (asus zenfone 6) pero nang I-test KO na di pa rin nag work sa tester nila. Sa game na asphalt 8, dead zone, beach buggy blitz, tank blitz di mag work

  15. Just to inform, iPega 9028 doesn’t work on Mac OS X Sierra, have tested on the Macbook Pro, it connects but doen’st work at all. If you run “sudo dmesg” you can see that it keeps disconnecting.

  16. I had ipega 9025 and 9023 before, you dont need to install any apk for android, hold X and press Home and pair it with your device that’s it.

    For Windows just connect it using any USB cord and it will be detected as an X input controller (Xbox360).. Pairing it through bluetooth, it will only be detected as keyboard/mice and will only work for emulators not for PC games..

  17. Hey I just got this and I’m trying to figure this out I have an HTC One and I’m having trouble working it and what type of games will work. how do I know? how do I connect this to my HTC One phone?


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