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How to Use Screen Recording to Create Different Types of Content

The fact that screen recording can be used to create video content probably isn’t news to you. However what may surprise you are the different types of content that it can actually be used to create.

If you want to explore the full potential of screen recording for content creation, you need to know how it can be used to create a diverse range of content:

How to Use Screen Recording to Create Different Types of Content

Video guides and tutorials

Screen recording is most frequently used to create video guides and tutorials for digital products. All that you need to do is set it up to ‘show’ each step in the tutorial being performed and possibly record a voiceover to provide additional information as required.

Demonstrations and reviews

Just as with video guides, screen recording can create demonstrations and reviews of digital products by showcasing their features and benefits. The footage that you record would highlight the most important features or the most beneficial ways that it can be used.

Expert interviews and discussion panels

Although conventional interviews and discussion panels are conducted face to face, screen recording provides a convenient alternative. It can be used to record interviews conducted via video calls, or discussion panels via conference calls.

The only caveat is that the quality of your video call needs to be good, otherwise the content’s quality will suffer. Ideally, you should take into account both the incoming and outgoing video and audio quality – and take steps to improve them.

‘Fair use’ videos

One of the increasingly common ways that screen recording is used to create content is as a way to capture material and create videos based on ‘fair use’ guidelines. However, if you do want to create content in this way, you should first be sure you fully understand what constitutes ‘fair use’ and what does not – and what laws may be applicable in your jurisdiction.

Video game content

The use of screen recording to create video game content of various types has become increasingly popular. By using it to record footage from your games, you can create all types of videos from demonstrations to video guides, Let’s Play videos, speedruns, and more.

The list above covers how you can use screen recording to create several broad types of content. In most cases all that you’ll need to create the videos outlined above is to learn how to record screen on Mac or PC, using Movavi Screen Recorder Studio for Mac, for example.

Aside from a screen recorder, it doesn’t hurt to have a good microphone if you want to record a high-quality voiceover or audio commentary. A good webcam can help as well, especially if you’re going to be recording video calls or adding a webcam frame to your screen recording videos.

Keep in mind that there are lots of other types of videos that you could potentially create using screen recording as well – and don’t shy away from exploring them fully to truly expand your range of options.

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