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How To Report Abusive Taxi Drivers In The Philippines – Do It With Taxikick

SPOTTED! Yes, I spotted a very useful website today that will help us commuters to report abusive taxi drivers here in the Philippines. Finally! The website is called Taxikick and it seems that this website is still young and was only created last November 2011 with an objective of providing us all a venue to report abusive taxi drivers. Although it is still on its BETA version, it is good enough for us to send our concerns and misfortune experiences with some of the “not-so-nice” taxi drivers. According to the webmaster of the website all we have to do is to file the report directly into their website (no registration or personal information required), review it, and then submit. All of the reports will then be passed directly to LTFRB and MMDA’s email addresses at the end of each day – basically that’s it!

TaxiKick - Report Abusive Taxi Drivers

From the form, you can select from the “Violation” drop-down menu the most suitable violation incurred by the taxi driver from which you have dealt with.  Then just put the plate number, taxi name and then additional comments about your report – just to give more details about your report.

For me, the idea is really amazing and very helpful as this will help us all commuters or passengers to finally have the means to reach the respective government agencies and hopefully they’d do the necessary actions or sanctions to those whom violated the law.  I guess by looking at the date of creation, the objective of the webmaster who made this website is for the upcoming Christmas season last year.  This is the time of the year where you will see a lot of abusive taxi drivers – incidents where they will overcharge you, refusal to let you board, contracting, and many more.  If given the chance, I want to also suggest to the website administrator to add another option for the reporter to upload a photo for more evidence.

My only concern about this advocacy is our own government agencies – what are they going to do with this reports?  Will they ignore it?  Hopefully not.

If you want to give this online tool, check it out here.

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