How To: Optimize Your Website’s SEO With Google Webmasters Tools

Google is your friend but do you want to know who Google’s friends are? – “KEYWORDS” and that’s where SEO plays great importance to your website. It’s all about SEO (search engine optimization) – most successful bloggers and website owners share the same thought and I totally agree with them. But the problem is none of them is going to share how they really did it – of course, they won’t. Why would they do that knowing that it may, in any way, affect their marketing strategies and ranking over the Internet. As we say it in Pinoy slang, “sekretong malupit” (greatest secret). Who would give away their own ace away for free, right?

Google Is your friend

Some bloggers already gave up on creating and writing rich-content articles and for some reason they just leave everything behind. Why? It’s because they don’t see their work quite fulfilling because nobody visits nor reads their articles. But there are some, actually I should say “bulk” of information lurking the Internet containing senseless and nothing but trash articles, still these articles are amazingly getting more traffic than those of yours. Funny, isn’t it? So, what’s their secret – again SEO. This is now why search engines like Google are working so hard to improve their search filters to put more sense on their end-users searching experience.

Most of us are trying so hard even though they are already aware that their only chance of getting more inbound traffic is through SEO. Some even tried to acquire help from 3rd-party SEO services to help them build up their websites’ ranking. I am not saying that these options are not useful but the problem is what if you don’t have the capacity and money to invest for such services – does that mean you’re just going to give up like the others? It’s never too late, especially for small competitors like us to gain respect in Google’s search page. We just need to step backwards and go back to the basics. Most of us, because we always wanted to be on top (I am not saying it’s bad) we usually forget or sometimes neglect those basic tools that is already there waiting for us to utilize them.

Let‘s us now get down into business but let me tell you first, I am no SEO guru nor expert on SEO. However, there’s one little secret I used which helped me obtained my current pagerank (PR) and why most of my articles are on Google’s first page (well, I would like to assume that) – it’s all because of Google Webmasters Tools.

Google made the Webmaster Tools not just for us to use it to verify that we own a certain website or domain. If you try to play around with it, I guarantee that even you will be amaze on the results afterwards. It’s not really bad if you have lots or even tons of friends going unto your website regularly, but it’s all direct inbound traffic. What if you add a little bit of hard work on your keywords, and find your website searchable on Google, isn’t it more satisfying and gratifying knowing that other people whom you don’t even know visits your website through indirect web search traffic? And Google loves that when your website is searchable and lots of people go into it. Here are the simple steps to do it, but I assume you already have a Google/Gmail account before we proceed. Also, I assume that you already had your website or domain validated.

1. Login to your Webmaster Tools using your Google account.
2. Click your domain or website from the main dashboard.
3. Now, on your domain’s dashboard notice the Search queries. You’ll see there some keywords – those keywords are the search queries from which the end users are typing from the Google Search page and possibly related into one of your posts:

Google Keywords

4. Are you getting the idea now? You should add those keywords onto your posts and when I say into your post it simply means that you need to put or add all relevant keywords into its corresponding and related articles.
5. Save your article
6. Resubmit your sitemap to Google.
7. Monitor it. Sometimes it will take the next 24 hours before you see the results.

Again, this is only one of the basic ways to improve your SEO. Another tip that I would like to share is – don’t use single keyword for your SEO. The Internet is one massive cloud composed of so many information and words, so don’t ever think that using one simple keyword will work – use long-tailed keywords.

Be creative.

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  1. GA and WebMaster Tools are some great tools to research and analyze our keywords and rankings. I prefer not to install analytics on few of my sites because there are rumours the data is integrated with Adsense. Anyway Great Article, Subscribed


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