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How To Log Out From Facebook Android Application

“How to log out from Facebook on Android devices?”

This is not something new but there are still some friends of mine who just got their own Android smartphone and downloaded Facebook for Android and then asking the same question on how to log out from Facebook. Connecting and logging to your own Facebook account is easy but the problem now is how to log out from Facebook. Also, it really can’t be helped that there will be cases or situations where you have no choice but to lend your smartphone with your siblings, parents, relatives or just to a friend who wanted to check their own Facebook account; and if you are not that tech savvy and you are not even familiar on how to navigate your own smartphone then this simple problem can become so frustrating. Well, if you find this funny, I am telling you scene like this happens and I am actually one of them who had the same problem when I got my Samsung Galaxy S II and installed Facebook for Android the first time.

Facebook Logout

Steps On How To Log out from Facebook

And because of this, I wanted to share to other people on how you can log out from your Facebook for Android.  If you are using an Android Smartphone, you are probably expecting all the functionality and menu to be available within your application’s screen.  Actually, with all that menus available and new navigating features of Facebook for Android, the logout button is something that is not visible from any of the menus when you swipe around the application.  It’s outside your Android smartphone’s screen and to be more specific it’s beside your Home button, usually on the left-side of your device.  It’s that button with two-horizontal line inside a box called Menu.

Samsung Galaxy S II Home Button

Let us say, you are currently in the News Feed screen like the image below all you have to do is tap that button in the left side of your Home button.

Facebook For Android News Feed

And then a slider menu will pop at the bottom of your screen like the image above and there you have it the Logout button along with the Settings, About and Refresh menus.

 Facebook For Android Logout Prompt

Facebook For Android Logging Out

That’s it! You are now done and you have logged out from Facebook app on Android.

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