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Tutorial: How To Hard Reset ACER Iconia Smart S300

Like any other devices or gadgets especially for smartphones like ACER Iconia Smart S300, there will be a time where you will need to reset your device back into its original state or factory default settings.  The most common reason for doing this is because your device is no longer functional or keeps on freezing due to an application that you have recently installed.  Sometimes, we forget or maybe neglect to properly take care of our phone’s memory by dumping so much information as if the device we have can store data infinitely. Nevertheless, for whatever reason it might be, here’s a quick guide or steps on how you can perform a “hard reset” on your ACER Iconia Smart S300. But before you do anything from which you might end up regretting the things you just did, please read first our warning.

[warning]This procedure will completely wipe out all the information stored on your device, so it is recommended that you back first all of our data. Also, we will not be held responsible in anyway if you accidentally bricked your phone because of not following the direction stated.[/warning]

ACER Iconia Smart S300

How to Perform A Hard Reset On ACER Iconia Smart S300

[note]Make sure that your battery is at least 40% charged but I would recommend it to be fully charged just in case.[/note]

1. Power off first your Iconia Smart S300 by pressing the power button;
2. When the display prompts the widget to turn it off, tap “Power off”;
3. Then tap OK;
4. Wait until your Iconia Smart S300 shuts down;
5. Then press and hold the power button until your Iconia Smart S300 vibrates;
6. You have to be quick on this next step because you need to let go the Power button and immediately press the Volume+ and Volume- simultaneously for a few seconds (standard is at least 5secs);
7. Your display will change into a console type (more like DOS environment), this will prompt you to select the next step you want or if you want to proceed with resetting your device;
8. Use your Volume+ or Volume- to select Yes/No;
9. Press the Camera button to confirm and proceed with the clean boot;
10. A progress bar will be displayed, wait until it finishes the process.

Basically, that’s it. If you can’t follow the steps above you can watch this video clip below on how to hard reset  your ACER Iconia Smart S300.

If your ACER Iconia Smart S300 is still under warranty…

A piece of advice, if your ACER Iconia Smart S300 is still under warranty I suggest for you to have it checked by your local distributor or to the shop where you bought your smartphone.

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