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How To Enable Your Facebook Timeline View Profile [Video]

Yesterday, I posted an article about Facebook Timeline which will be the next face of your profile page. Unfortunately, this is not yet enabled by default. But if you visit Facebook’s Timeline official page, you can subscribe to their page to notify you once Timeline is officially out.  Anyway, you can actually enable your Facebook Timeline and experience it now first hand even if it is not officially implemented.  I can show you how you can enable it on your registered Facebook account given that you have access to create an application on Facebook developers page. The process of registering an account to Facebook developers is easy and as far as I could remember you’ll need to register your mobile number for them to provide you your PIN.

Timeline Sign Me Up

UPDATE: Timeline is now Official

The information below was the instruction on how to activate Facebook Timeline (developers beta mode), but now for you to enable Facebook Timeline is just go to the link: and click on Get Timeline.

Now, about enabling your Facebook Timeline (BETA Version).

How To Enable Your Facebook Timeline View Profile (with Developer’s account)

1. Login to your registered Facebook account;

Step 1 Login To Facebook

[warning]Once we’re done enabling your Facebook Timeline, NOT all your friends would be able to view the changes. Only those who have registered developers account would be able to see your Timeline since this is not officially or fully implemented to all users. [/warning]

2. On the top-most of your profile home page, go to the Search field and look for the “developer” app;

Step 2 Search For Developer

3. Click on Create New App;

Step 3 Click on Create New App

4. Fill the App Display Name and App Namespace ( should be in lowercase and unique – will be required for the next step), then once done hit Continue;

Step 4 Fill the App Display Name And App Namespace

Here’s what you’ll see if you have not yet verified your Account, you just need to click on “mobile phone” for you to receive the verification code:

Account Verification


Send Verification To mobile

5. On the left-side, click Open Graph;

Step 5 Click On Open Graph

6. Fill the two text boxes using the suggested words there, I preferred using “read” and “book” then click on the “Get Started” button beside it;

Step 7 Fill the two text boxes

7. You’ll be redirected to a new page and I recommend for you NOT to change anything there, just hit the “Save Changes and Next” button;

Step 7 Save Changes and Next

8. Then on the next page, do the same thing;

Step 8 Click again Save Changes and Next

9. This is the last step for the Open Graph, hit “Save and Finish” button;

Step 9 Save and Finish

10.  Then when you reached this page it means that you’re done, go back to your profile page or just type on your address bar;


11. On your, home page you’ll see this notification  just hit the “Get It Now” button;

Get It Now

12.  You can now enjoy your Timeline View, actually according to the screenshot it will be officially out by October 1 but if you can’t wait you can now publish it.


As I’ve mentioned before, this is not officially out and only developers can see your timeline – not until October 1, 2011.

Only Developers Can View Your Timeline

Update: I changed the Cover Page by adding a photo and here’s my new Timeline page:


My Timeline Page

[note]Here’s the simple step-by-step video I made on how to enable Facebook Timeline View Profile – I used my other account to do it. [/note]

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