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How To Add Most Viewed Posts Widget Like Engadget On Your Sidebar

Do you want to add something like “Most Viewed Posts widget” into your blog site like the one from Engadget? I have found one WordPress plugin inspired by that  “Top Stories Sidebar” by Engadget. The name of the widget is “Top Stories – Most Viewed / Commented Posts Widget” by dagtok from And if you check my sidebar it is now displaying the “Featured Stories” and “Most commented articles”. These are the results of installing this most viewed posts widget on my sidebar. This article will show you how to get this plugin and install it on your WordPress blog site and have your own most viewed posts widget. There’s one catch though since this plugin came from CodeCanyon expect that this is not free. Although the price is reasonable enough.

If you are really into blogging business and you are passionate on doing it, well you need to invest. But I am not saying that free WordPress plugins are not worth using. Actually I myself is using some of the amazing free WordPress plugins for my blog sites. But not all of them are free, I have premium plugins as well and one of them is the most viewed posts widget on my sidebar that I recently bought from CodeCanyon.

Most Viewed Posts Widget

The image above is the snapshot of my most viewed posts widget on my right sidebar. It shows the most popular posts or articles you have on your blog site. Setting this plugin will not take an hour and it is easy to install it.

How to Add Most Viewed Posts Widget On Your WordPress Sidebar

If you are used to installing WordPress plugins then this should be easy for you. There’s no special setup really.

1. Go to this link – Top Stories – Most Viewed / Commented Posts Widget.

2. Register an account if you don’t have one.

3. Buy and download the plugin into your desktop computer.

4. Extract the wordpress plugin into your local folder – is probably the filename.

5. Now, you will probably see 2 more zip files. You can manually upload ONE of them into your WordPress website using the Add New Plugins. Note: Do NOT upload both of them as they are the same.

  • 1.3.2-Most-Viewed-Commented-Posts-Widget
  • 1.3.2-Most-Viewed-Commented-Posts-Widget-Cache – (recommended)

6. Activate the plugin.

7. Click Appearance -> Widgets.

8. You have now 4 options from this plugin to display on your sidebar:

  • Most Viewed Posts Widget
  • Most CommentedPosts Widget
  • Recent Posts
  • List Pages

9. Then the last part is customize the colors and the posts you wanted to display.

Then you are done! As I’ve mentioned there’s no special configuration if you wanted to have a most viewed posts widget on your sidebar widget.

What will this most viewed posts widget do to my blog site?

Well, ask yourself first this – why big sites like Engadget display such widget on their sidebar? And if you see something like that, aren’t you going to click one of them – or any articles from that sidebar because it did captured your interest? Well, there you have it! That’s the answer you are looking for – more exposure and less bounce rate. 🙂

Do you agree?


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