How To Access Android Phone From PC With AirDroid

If you are looking for a guide on how to access android phone from PC then you are in the correct page. And the Android application I think you should look for is AirDroid Android app – it’s pretty handy. You can organize your files, send and read SMS, install apps, and many more with AirDroid.  Apparently, if you purchase an Android smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 with Android 2.3.3 installed, you don’t get a PC Suite CD like other smartphones such Nokia handsets. Although there’s a downloadable PC suite-like for Android smartphones like Samsung called Samsung Kies, it still doesn’t do those things I mentioned above. So in my continuous search for a similar application on how to access Android phone from PC, it led me to this cool Android application. And I will now show you how to install it on your Android smartphone and how to use it – a quick walk through of AirDroid.

AirDroid Interface

A Quick Overview of AirDroid

AirDroid which was recently created by a well-funded company named Sand Studio and shared this cool application lets you access your Android smartphone from your computer via or through over-the-air or also known as OTA or in layman’s term it is an application that lets your phone acts like an additional device in a wireless LAN environment (WiFi) where you can access it as if you are accessing another computer within a internal or local area network (LAN).  Once the AirDroid application is installed onto your smartphone, you can now start accessing your Android smartphone from a web browser (preferably the latest version of either Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and/or Mozilla Firefox).  There are so many features that you can use after you installed it and you don’t even need to remove your eye from your monitor just to see the status of your Android smartphone or if there’s an unread SMS – you can now do that while your hands are busy on the keyboard.

Installing AirDroid On Your Android Smartphone


Before  you install this application, make sure that your Android smartphone’s OS platform is at least Android 2.1 otherwise it will not work.


Generally, installing an Android is not so hard at all.  You just need to have a registered Google account to download a cool application such as the AirDroid.  You just need to go to the Android market and search for the keyword AirDroid and look for the application made by Sand Studio.  Download it and install it directly into your smartphone.  Here are some of the screenshots I captured while downloading and installing the AirDroid application on my Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100.  After the installation I immediately activated AirDroid.

Get AirDroid from Android MarketAccept and DownloadInstall AirDroidActivate or Open AirDroidDefault AirDroid SettingsDefine Your Own Settings

By default, if you’re not sure on what to do or how to set up your AirDroid application, you don’t have to worry because AirDroid will do those stuffs for you like setting the URL or web address of your Android phone along with the port and of course a random-made password which will be enabled to access your smartphone.  In my screenshot I customized the settings into my liking and created my own password.  There’s nothing much to configure from here, just make sure that your Android Smartphone WiFi is enabled and before you can open your favorite web browser to access your device.  Below is the screenshot when I accessed my Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 from my Google Chrome browser.

AirDroid Desktop

Now, here’s a small walk through on how you can use AirDroid and some of the available features of this Android application. Enjoy!


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