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How Technology Can Help You Find The Best Personal Injury Attorney

Finding a lawyer used to be a matter of asking around or looking in the phone book for a local lawyer who could help you with a personal injury case. The internet changed all of that and now you’re far more likely to use a search engine to find lawyers local to you, read their reviews, and even make an appointment for a consultation without dialing a phone number. It’s easier than ever before to locate a lawyer that can help you in your time of need, but that’s just the start of the quest. Read on to learn more about how technology helps you find a personal injury attorney that’s a good fit for your case.

Best Personal Injury Attorney
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Search Engines

The first search engine came online in 1994 and changed how people looked up information. That included finding information about an attorney and their area of practice, although the information was limited. Now 25 years on, a simple search for a lawyer who takes on personal injury cases in your area will return hundreds of hits along with detailed and starred reviews. You don’t need to ask for referrals to find out if the lawyer will work hard on your behalf and be effective when there’s a list of reviews just a click away.

Apps to Find Lawyers

Both iOS and Android have apps for finding lawyers that work in the personal injury field of law. One app, Lawyers Near Me, helps you refine your search to find a lawyer by location and area of practice. The app does not have the ability to chat with a lawyer, but it is a comprehensive directory that provides contact information for any given lawyer. However, it is capable of working offline which can come in handy when no internet is available.

Another app for both smartphone platforms, Legal Services Link, is based on the concept of matchmaking service. You create your account, write a description of the kind of legal help you need, and the app submits it to attorneys that located near you and practice in the area of law you need help with. Interested lawyers respond to your listing and you can carry out a brief conversation with each one to determine if they’re a good fit.

Referral Websites

All the major legal information directories have websites that provide basic legal information, lawyer directories, and Q&A sections where you can get brief answers from practicing attorneys. The three major directories are Avvo, FindLaw, and Nolo. Each of them has a different focus, but they can all help you find a lawyer along with helping you understand more about legal processes. Here’s what you need to know about each directory:

  • Nolo has legal articles that explain how the law functions on a state and federal level. It uses geo-targeting to refer users to appropriate lawyers in their general area based on the information the user provides.
  • Avvo offers local searches for lawyers and Q&A with attorneys. You can post a question about your personal injury case and get responses from lawyers in your area. The Q&As are left on the site for future readers to learn more about the lawyers listed on the site
  • FindLaw is a legal directory and resource site. It offers a consumer search engine, legal topics written for the layman, advice for how to hire an attorney, podcasts, and a discussion community.

These sites help you find a lawyer, but it also gives you insight into personal injury law for your state. What you learn from these sites can be helpful when you meet with an attorney to talk about your case.

Social Media

Law firms of all sizes have taken to social media to connect with potential clients and promote their brand and it’s working. Social media gives lawyers and law firms a personality behind the names on the door. Not only can you read a review of the firm on websites, but you can also go directly to their social media accounts, read their posts, and ask questions about how they handle personal injury cases. Always keep in mind that you’re only getting unofficial advice when you talk to a lawyer on social media.

Lawyers also use Twitter and Instagram to communicate with the world at large, but they’re less likely to engage in conversation on these sites. Twitter is geared more towards short conversations and commentary while Instagram is limited to photos. However, both are reasonable resources for you to learn more about the legal expert you’re considering.

Traditional Advertising

If you’ve been at home during the weekday afternoon to watch TV court shows, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of personal injury lawyers who advertise their services. You may have also noticed that these lawyers and law firms advertise heavily to get your attention. Intense advertising isn’t necessarily a sign that a law firm is good or that its lawyers will work aggressively on your behalf. But you can search online for reviews from people who have made use of the law firms or lawyers. There you’ll find out if the advertised law firm or attorney is as good as they claim or not.

Technology has made it easier than ever for you to find a personal injury lawyer that can help you with your case. All it takes is a few keystrokes into a search engine, app, or website to find, research, and connect with a lawyer that can help you with your case.

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