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How Cell Phones Affect Students Grades – Know The Positive and Negative Side

Cell Phones and Students

Modern life is nothing without internet and nonstop communication. The easiest way to do this is to keep in hands a cell phone all the time. Children learn to push buttons or a screen even earlier than begin to talk. There can be a lot of conversations if it is good or bad, but it is a part of our life anyway. Let’s investigate how it affects students’ grades and try to make some conclusions. 

Smartphones and cell phones steal time. For the students, the time is very important, and it is possible that they can skip some important knowledge because their attention follows celebrities instead of following theorems. We asked a professional personal statement writer from GetPersonalStatement about this issue, and he said that: “There are a lot of situations when students seek the help of online resources because they can’t count the time and leave online following the variety of accounts.” This problem is known, but let’s talk about other kinds of influence.

Positive effects of cell phones

  • Access to the information. If you have a phone with the internet, you have all the information right here right now. You can order food or book right online and save time for studying. You can find almost all the answers for questions that concern courses or your private questions. It is an unbelievable instrument that can be a miracle in the hands of a person who wants to study.
  • Online services and proofreading. This is more specifying needs, but obvious for students. If you need help because of any case of every subject, you can get if. It can be free or not, with quick answers or not, more or less qualified, but you will get it anyway. Elder people can hardly believe that the question they needed to spend a day in the library we need only one minute, cell phone and Google.
  • Possibility to be in touch with relatives all the time. You know how parents worry about every step of their child. And you know that studying often accompanies with leaving home. Cell phones fix the problem of sleepless nights of mothers whose’ children leave home for better college or university. It seems funny, but it is maybe the most important thing when you are far from home.

Negative effects of cell phones

  • Losing time. We discussed it above, and it is the most sneaky thing about smartphones. You don’t even feel how time passes. Page after page of bright photos and unconfirmed news may lead you to the morning without prepared homework. 
  • Creating an unreal world. Our mind understands that all that we see in social media is not a full life or even part of real-life celebrities but following them and seeing only traveling, parties and fashion clothes sometimes collapses our perception, and we can separate life from media. This problem also concerns self-esteem. On the internet, everyone is successful and have no problems with money, relationships, or studying, and it can provoke a depression if you try to compare every aspect of your life.
  • Interrupting and distraction of attention. All the notifications and updates that make noise or vibrations distract a lot. They can distract from writing an important essay or a love letter, from a necessary conversation or watching a romantic movie with your beloved. It is irritating and annoying. Because of this effect, people become angry and mad, but never happy and relaxed.

Here we tried to discuss the most common influence of cell phones on students grades. We can’t exclude them from our lives, but we must be aware of all the surprises they bring.  

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