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Helpful Tips For Keeping Vapes In Best Shape

Vaping is fun when you have the best vaping device, E-liquid, and vaping accessories. It’s crucial to maintain all the products in good shape for a great experience. Maintenance of vapes is essential as there’s a lot of grime and buildup with subsequent uses. For a long life of all your vape products, you must develop a care routine for it.  You must also invest in proper protective gear for your vaping device to ensure they are in the best shape.

This will benefit you in the long term and will make your investment valuable.

Here are a few tips to keep your vapes in the best shape.

Always keep your battery terminal in a clean condition

A grimy and dirty battery terminal can affect the performance of your vaping device. You must clean it from time to time to ensure that it’s clean and safe. Use a cotton bud to remove all the grime gently. This is a very effective method for increasing the longevity of your device. A well-maintained battery component can ensure your vaping device is efficient and provides the optimum performance.

Store your vaping devices correctly

Storing your vaping device correctly is very important. This is because air and other temperature factors can impact the performance of your device. Always buy special cases to store your devices.

Place them in a cool, damp place.  Make sure they are dry and clean from any leftover vaping juice. This will make sure your wick is saturated, and there are no accidental fires and leakages. Remember to store the device upright and away from water and sunlight.

Always keep your atomizer clean

A clean atomizer can extend the life of your vaping device and ensure it is performing efficiently always. This can be done quickly by removing the clearomizer from the battery. The next step is to remove the atomizer and to wash it with lukewarm water gently. After it is dried, you can place it back in. You can place the atomizer in a bag full of dry rice to ensure all the moisture is absorbed. This will help in removing any extra build-up in your atomizer.

Clean your mouthpiece from time to time

The mouthpiece of your vape is the most exposed part. It is in direct contact with air and mouth. Over time it can accumulate dust particles that may hinder the airflow in your device.  You can easily clean it by blowing air into it and ensuring it’s clear. You can also use a paper towel to remove any remnants of vape juice.

Change your coil and atomizer from time to time

With repetitive use, coils often wear off. They may burn and give off a bad vapor. It’s essential to change your coil and atomizer from time to time. You can figure the time to change the coil when you get a burnt smell and noise from the vape.

You should always buy spare coils to ensure you have a vape ready with you always. Always keep your tank topped up, making sure the cotton around the coil is saturated at all times. This is important to prevent dry hits from causing any kind of harm to your coils.

Use a vape band

Vape bands are an excellent investment. They act as protective gear to your vaping device and save it when dropped. These act as shock absorbers and help in preventing your glass tank from breaking.  You can buy these from credible vapor stores. These are affordable and efficient in adding a safety barrier to your vaping device.

Maintain the e-liquid levels

E-liquids are expensive and need to be stored properly.  These should be taken care of very well. You must keep the lid closed when the bottles aren’t in use.

Exposure to the atmosphere can lead to oxidation and degradation of your vaping juices. You must store unopened bottles in a cool, dry place to ensure that the quality is preserved.  You must also be able to identify an expired vape juice by the way it tastes or smells.

This, for having a long life of your vaping products, you must ensure you make proactive efforts to maintain them.  Make sure to clean them from time to time and store them properly.

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