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Guide On How To Improve Your YouTube Rank

YouTube Rank

YouTube is a valuable asset that you could use to build your business and promote products. Many people overlook it as a perfect product promotion platform, but you will be surprised to realize that more than 30 million people use YouTube every day. Every month, people watch more than 6 billion hours of video on YouTube, which shows this is a platform that stands huge potential for marketers. The biggest challenge you could encounter while sharing content on YouTube is being able to rank high. You need to beat competition to be listed as one of the top channels.

Here is a simple guide to help you improve your rank on YouTube:

Keyword-rich titles

While uploading videos, you should optimize the titles for search. This means you should include relevant keywords that will help your content to rank higher on YouTube. The best strategy is to focus on low-competition long-tail keywords that will help you lower the pain of competition. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to search for the best keywords to use and finally use the Keyword Tool to know the best search phrases to pick for your YouTube titles and descriptions.

Buy YouTube subscribers

To ensure your content is ranked well, you should build your channel by encouraging more people to subscribe. YouTube also considers channel popularity along with relevance of content when ranking videos, so a high subscriber count could mean you will be able to boost the rank of your videos. If you think getting subscribers naturally is slow and difficult, you can buy cheap YouTube subscribers that will help you to boost the reputation of your channel and build social proof.

Create a catchy thumbnail

The thumbnail image is what people searching will see first, and even if you are going to have good content in the video, a poorly designed thumbnail could render your content ineffectual because you will get very few people to click on the video. A catchy thumbnail will raise click through rate and give you content more views, which will elevate the rank of your content. You can use a free tool like Canva to create professional thumbnails for your videos.

Video length

Before 2012, YouTube relied on popularity for ranking videos, but after an algorithmic update in 2012, they started considering length as one of the factors to look at while calculating which videos to rank first. That is why a 10-minute video with 1 million views will be outranked by a 30-minute video with only 10,000 views. The algorithm assumes longer videos have covered the subject extensively and will give priority to such content because the intention is to help the user find the most accurate answer to their question.

Building a strong presence on YouTube is something that will help you leverage the benefits of the leading video sharing platform. Ranking your videos on YouTube is not a difficult process because you only need to master the most important factors that you should look at that will boost the views and relevance of your content. Create titles that are optimized with keywords and consider the length of the videos as this is one of the factors Google uses while ranking content.

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