Great Kids Games on Android Devices – Our Top Picks!

Kids Games - Monster trucks

Kids games are a dime a dozen at the Google Play Store. A fantastic selection of popular attractions is readily available to players, including puzzle games, adventure games, racing games, and even academic games, among others. Kids today are increasingly more tech savvy, engaged, and eager to put their skills to the test. It’s important to ensure that kids games are appropriate for their age, and that they aren’t a distraction for learning or normal social interaction.

Endless Alphabet

Fortunately, there are plenty of world-class kids games available at the Google Play Store, and they include top titles like The Endless Kids. This is a collection of exciting children’s games, including Endless Reader, Endless Numbers, Endless Spanish, Endless Wordplay, and Endless Alphabet among others. There’s plenty of learning merit in these games, and while there is a cost involved, it is a great way for kids to get instruction on their mobile phones and tablets. Endless Alphabet is an exciting game with a stellar 4.5/5 rating from 12,389 reviewers. Kids get to learn things like interactive spelling puzzles, along with plenty of vocab building features.


Intellijoy is an exciting game available at the Google Play Store. It’s also a kids game app, and players can connect the dots and form letters with all sorts of puzzles, painting, and recreational activities. The free version offers limited functionality, but there is greater variety when you purchase the games. The game teaches kids about the fundamentals of writing, by allowing them to trace letters via the game app. The range of games available with the Intellijoy apps is vast, and includes Kids Learn Shapes, Kids Reading Sight Words Lite, Kids Telling Time, and dozens of others.

Lego Juniors Create and Cruise

Lego® Juniors Create & Cruise was created by Lego system A/S and is an action and adventure game rated E for everyone. It has a 4/5 rating from 614,786 reviewers. It’s the one game that everybody loves, with kids able to build their favourite Lego characters in a few quick and easy touches. There’s plenty of colour to dazzle the senses, and enough action and adventure to keep you busy. The latest version of the game features 5 vehicles to build in play, plenty of visual upgrades, and Christmas elves, and Santa Claus thrown into the mix.

Toy Crush

Toy Crush by Match 3 Fun Games is an exciting puzzle-style game for kids to play. It has a 4.5/5 rating from 4,016 reviewers. Kids and adults love the game, and for good reason. It is a popular puzzle-style game where you match 2+ adjacent cubes and clear levels while you complete missions. It’s free to download onto Android, and it’s ideal for kids. Kids can learn how to solve increasingly complex puzzles by clearing levels. When you match 5 or 6 cubes, you will be rewarded with a rocket. When you match 7 or 8 cubes, you will receive a bomb. These are fun activities, and no element of the game is violent or destructive. It’s 100% free to play, and addictive in a fun-filled way.

Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle was created by Doodle Joy Studio. This casual game is rated E for everyone, and has a stellar rating of 4.1/5 from 408,141 reviewers. It is a terrific drawing app for the little guys. It is easy to use, and expressly designed for canvas, or photos. There are 24 fabulous brushes to use, including sketchy patterns, neon lights, crayons, and rainbows. The app features include built-in galleries, and ability to clear the painting by shaking the phone, and easy social media sharing via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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