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Google +1 Will Be Embedded On Your Google Adsense Ads To Attract More Revenue?

I hope this update from Google is one good news for all Adsense Publishers as they have posted on their blog that starting October 1st we’ll all be seeing this Google +1 button on Google’s ads. As of now, my mind is so bothered and confused on why Adsense plans to add this button on their published ads. So let me try to convince myself by narrowing down their reasons, and here’s the example screenshot they provided:

Google +1 on Ads

1. With the Google +1 button on an advertisement, your reader when he sees it possibly click it to in an intention to recommend it with his other friends whom with Google +1 account;
2. In the case that the person clicks on Google +1 on a certain ads, whenever someone from his friends or from his Google +1 circle saw the same ads they’ll see that this advertisement or product was found to be interesting or recommendable, hence, they will be encourage to check it out;
3. With this method, Google will now use this method as a signal of the ads’ relevance since more and more people would possibly +1 it – and these ads will be considered as ELIGIBLE ads;
4. And when Adsense sees that a certain ad is eligible because more and more people are recommending it through the +1 button, these ads will continue to compete in the auction and in the end Adsense will continue to post the ads that “would possibly” generate more revenue on your site.

Now here’s the part that I don’t think most of you Google Adsense would agree. According to Adsense report, we must take note that any +1 click from the ads does not mean that it will earn any monetary value. The sole purpose of this is to help Adsense to identify which ads are most recommendable, eligible and relevant to your website and Adsense says that we’ll probably see the beauty of this over time – who knows when.

Moreover, I believe with this feature they’d “possibly” avoid from paying again a settlement fee for an illegal or inappropriate advertisement like what happened last August where they had to pay a settlement fee of $500 because of the drug advertisement case.

I totally agree with Google Adsense that with this since it will help the latter to identify which ads are legit and which will give each publishers better earnings from publishing these ads. HOWEVER, something like this on or within the ad units will encourage or attract the readers’ attention and instead of clicking the ads they’ll click on the +1 button – so in return I lost one click there for a possible income from a possible high paying ad unit.

So what’s your take about this next move from Google Adsense?

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