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Samsung Galaxy S III Globe 4G LTE Smartphones Starts At Plan 999 – HTC, ZTE, and Huawei

MANILA, Philippines – One of the known mobile telecommunications company, Globe Telecom, unveils their first line-up of Globe 4G LTE smartphones and among them is the ever known and popular Android smartphone from Samsung – Samsung Galaxy S III LTE. Yes folks, that’s one of the list and the complete Globe 4G LTE smartphones are HTC One XL, ZTE T81, and Huawei Ascend P1 LTE.  They will be exclusively available on Globe’s post-paid plans starting at Plan 999. The package includes not only the LTE capable smartphones but also each consumers will enjoy unlimited surfing, consumable SMS and voice calls, wonderful freebies and many more – it all depends on which plans you will avail.  Normally, in most cases a high-end smartphones like those mentioned you have to add an extra cash-out to get the handset that is exclusive of the plan. But what the heck, it’s the LTE capability and offer that I am more after and I hope it will not be a total waste considering how bad and unstable the Internet speed here in the Philippines “most of the times”.

Globe 4G LTE Smartphones Starts At Plan 999

So I guess you are all aware of Samsung Galaxy S III LTE and there no need for me to further give you the details about this smartphone except that this one is LTE enabled handset. Nevertheless it is still worth telling that it one of the latest flagship smartphone released by Samsung this year with a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display and sports a quad-core  dual-core processor (this is the latest release SGS III LTE) with 2GB of RAM and using the latest Android 4.1 or known as Jelly Bean. What you don’t know is that Globe has an exclusive color variant other than the two known colors of Galaxy S III – Pebble Blue and Marble White.

Another in the list that is also worth getting is the HTC One XL. Also one of the HTC One family that sports a 1.5GHz dual-core processor with a 4.7-inch display screen and an 8MP camera running on Ice Cream Sandwich Android operating system. Of course, since I’ve mentioned that it is one of the HTC One line-up, you will also enjoy having your own Beats Audio.  The other two LTE smartphones that I am not familiar of are ZTE T81 and Huawei Ascend P1 LTE. Both of them runs on 1.5GHz dual-core processors and both are touchscreen displays. ZTE T81 has a 4-inch touchscreen display running also on ICS with 5MP camera. While Huawei Ascend P1 LTE has a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display with 8MP camera running also on ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich display.

One of the benefits of course of an LTE connectivity on an LTE devices like those I have mentioned is that browsing, surfing and streaming specially of HD videos will not be sluggish anymore – it will be more enjoyable because it is faster than probably on what you are currently having right now.  As Robert Tan, Chief Technology Adviser of Globe, says it:

“The speed for our LTE network is at least 10x faster than existing 2G and 3G networks, giving quicker responses to every user application such as video and mobile gaming. Finally, the Globe 4G LTE network boasts of better outdoor coverage by using advanced antenna solutions.”

So, are you ready now to give your smartphone and avail one of these? If I am to pick one from Globe 4G LTE smartphones, I will go for the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE. How about you?  For more information, you can visit Globe Telecom Press Release.

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