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[Fixed] Samsung Galaxy Nexus Fluctuating Volume Bug – Patched Released By MoDaCo

Last week I posted an article about the fluctuating volume problem of Samsung Galaxy Nexus where Samsung and Google admitted and acknowledged the issue and promised all their users that a fix is already on its way. Apparently, since that day we haven’t heard any updates from either Google or Samsung and even the root cause of the volume problem or to be specific the fluctuating volume issue of Samsung Galaxy Nexus which also causes the volume rocker not to work. But since Android is an open source operating system as well as its applications, there are so many developers out there whom understands the logic of how it works managed to create and release a fix ahead. And one of them is the news I saw from Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo who just released a patch to provide a solution to this volume of Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Volume fixed

The problem causing this volume issue of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is said to be pointing to the 2G 900MHz band when in used.  And Paul released an official patch which also entails on how the end-users can install it on their Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. However, before you can actually use this patch you need your smartphone’s bootloader unlocked.  If this is your first time to unlock your bootloader, then let me remind you that unlocking your device would also mean wiping out the data and information of your Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  The release was tested and can be used whether your OS platform is running under Windows, Linux or OSX.

For more information about the fix and to know more about it, just check out his site at MoDaCo through this link.

I am still waiting an update from Samsung as to when they will officially load the fix for this volume problem of Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the last report I heard is they’re still testing the fix which they’ve announced last week.

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