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How To Fix Sony Xperia Mini (ST15I) Bootloop Problem

Isn’t it frustrating and stressful if one morning you wake up and found out your Sony Xperia Mini is experiencing a bootloop problem? It’s like you wanted to get mad to the point where you would want to smash your mobile phone or throw it outside your window because of the irritating bootloop problem. Well, I did experience the bootloop problem before with my Sony Xperia Mini (ST15I) and good thing my colleague shared to me this Android forum website – Pinoy Droid Alliance. Thanks to our tipster Mikko also known as komiks0916 who provided the simple steps and even the explanation on how to fix the Sony Xperia Mini (ST15I) bootloop problem. According to him, a bootloop problem is considered as “soft brick” which simply means that the mobile system is recoverable without any professional assistance –  easy as counting 1-2-3.

What is a Bootloop Problem (boot looping)?

This simply means that whenever you restart your device or smartphone it only goes up until your smartphone’s logo and infinitely stuck there. The device will not go to your home screen which will basically prohibits you to use your phone. Here’s short YouTube video that will show what is a bootloop problem so that you can compare if your device is experiencing the same thing.


So if you are having the same bootloop problem, then we can recommend you to follow the following steps below to fix the problem.

How To Fix Sony Xperia Mini (ST15I) Bootloop Problem


The author will not be held liable for whatever happens onto your smartphone during or after you followed the procedure from this article. The steps has been tested and had been proven working following the stated procedures below. You may either, (1) try this and restore your smartphone; (2) try it and brick again your smartphone; (3) or don’t do anything at all and let your smartphone be kept on your drawer – dead set forever. The choice is entirely up to you.[/warning]

How To Fix Android Bootloop Problem On Sony Xperia Mini (ST15I)

First, you need to download the latest Sony PC Companion Software onto your computer. You can get and download the latest PC Companion here.
The main gist of this procedure is that you will be able to restore your smartphone and get rid off that Android bootloop problem. You will be able to use your Android smartphone afterwards but the only catch (not really a drawback for me) is that you will lose all of your stored data and information except for those that are saved in your SD card. Another thing that you have to consider before taking the plunge is that with this procedure, your Android smartphone will have to accept and use the latest firmware.

The author from the source also said that it will be much appropriate if you restore or install the stock ROM from the PC Companion tool.

1. Go to the “Support Zone” on your PC Companion;
2. Click “Start”, but don’t connect your smartphone yet;
3. An overlay pop-up window will open, click the “Repair phone” link from there;
4. Click on “Continue”;
Somewhere along the succeeding steps from your screen, you will be asked to choose your handset. Then that’s the only time where you will be asked to connect your smartphone into your computer then you will be asked to press the “Back” button.
5. A notification overlay window will pop-up  to notify the user that ALL data will be lost and you need to confirm this by ticking the check box and click on “Next”;
6. You’re almost close to the finish line. This is the last step but the most crucial one because you need to have a very stable Internet connection and as much as possible it should be fast enough. The last stage of this whole procedure is that with your PC Companion, it will download the latest firmware or stock ROM from the server and install it on your handset. This might take a while depending on the speed of your Internet. So you’d better be patient.

VIOLA! That’s it. You may now remove your Sony Xperia Mini (ST15I) from your computer and customize it again.

For more information or if you bumped into something unexpected, you can visit Pinoy Driod Alliance thread.


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