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FileSonic File Sharing Functionality Has Now Been Disabled

We’re just being careful…” – I guess this is what’s in the mind of the FileSonic’s management as they have now disabled their online file sharing.  Last week, we’ve all heard that the CEO and founder of Megaupload,  Kim Schmitz (also known as Kim Dotcom), was busted by FBI for multiple case of online piracy – well not him but the users of Megaupload from which he allows.  And I can see more and more online file sharing niche websites are now being careful that either they will be busted or will be affected by SOPA and/or PIPA once it passed.  One of which is FileSonic cloud services where they immediately turned off their online file sharing and instead they posted a banned on their official website that their services only allows users to upload and retrieve files ONLY if you’re the one who uploaded it.

FileSonic New Functions

This only means that you cannot allow other users to retrieve the file or files you uploaded into their online storage facilities. No more online sharing of files. But you can still use this for your personal files so that you can access it anywhere you go. I think this will affect some users specially those bloggers who uses this online file sharing functionality to store their large files from which they can’t save on their webhosting because of disk space and bandwidth constraints. So I guess some of them will need to migrate their files now into some other free cloud services.

I am thinking now, who’s next?

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