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[Feature] Globe Telecom First Commercial of iPhone 4S and iCloud – What About SMART?

To be honest, I often watch television and moreover I don’t usually watch local programs but at about two or three days ago I was really amazed seeing this commercial from Globe showing the power of iCloud with iPhone 4S. It’s not that this is the first time I see the iPhone 4S nor the way i knew how iCloud works but seeing it on Philippine television – it really made me or at least led me to think of some of the possible reasons why Globe Telecom made this commercial.  But first let us define and describe how iCloud works.  Apple iCloud like any other cloud services it is a place or repository where you can store your files such as documents, photos, music, apps and many more – imagine yourself having an external virtual hard drive or as they say it a “hard drive in the sky”.  About the iPhone 4S, I don’t think you need more information about this because admit it it’s like almost everyday we hear people talking about this latest amazing phone from Apple.

Globe iPhone 4S and iCloud

The Globe iPhone 4S with iCloud Commercial

If you haven’t seen it yet, I have here one of the short video from Globe Telecom showing the power of iCloud with their latest handset iPhone 4S. It shows how having an iPhone 4S and with the power of iCloud will make your life easier – well in the corporate world mostly.  People don’t need to wait until they finished downloading an application from iTunes. They can just leave it downloading and the soon they come back for it – viola! The application they have just downloaded will be automatically pushed straight into their device.  Same thing with your photos, appointments, music and all other files you want to access or store on your handset.

My Thoughts About This Commercial

There’s nothing really against it, but I just can’t keep it into myself that’s why I decided to write an article about it.  There are actually two things that kept me thinking about this commercial.  First, I believe that this is the very first commercial made locally that features the Apple iPhone 4S.  Well, I really don’t recall any TV commercials that shows any of the iPhone family from any of the local carriers here in the Philippines.  And come to think of it, this commercial is from Globe Telecom. So what’s the big deal about it?  The thing is, if you recall SMART Communication was the first local carrier who got the deal from Apple to sell iPhone 4S and after all those speculations we all thought that Globe will never be able to get also the same deal from Apple – but they managed to do it.  And now, it looks like Globe took the first step to promote this iPhone 4S with the launching of their commercials.  Honestly, with this kind of exposure it will surely bring them more interested customers and sooner or later will win against SMART in the battle of selling the most iPhone 4S units here in the Philippines. – Well, this is just me.

The second thing, for all I know the main feature of iPhone 4S and the reason why it is one of the top seller phone in the mobile industry lately it is not only because of its dual-core A5 chip, 8MP camera and iOS 5 but because of its app named Siri – the personal humble assistant.  Everyone wants to have this device because of Siri, not only it’s cool having a virtual application where you can talk to but also you can ask it to do some tasks for you without tapping too much on your iPhone device.  I was actually looking for Globe to show more about it but they did not instead they showed more and discussed more about iCloud – not bad actually.  I think that this is because here in the Philippines, an iPhone 4S user won’t really be able to fully utilize or maximize the power of Siri due to numerous limitations.  One of which is if you want to utilize Siri, Internet connection should always be on this mean that you should have at least unlimited data plan so that you can always use Siri.  Another thing is, language barrier.  Siri understands and uses English language for it to perform tasks.  Unfortunately, not all Pinoy are fluent and really good in English communication and most of the time (which we also experienced while using iPhone 4S) Siri don’t understand some of the words we say – even by just saying your name to introduce yourself to Siri.  This is the same dilemma of some of the Asian countries who finally have iPhone 4S.  So I guess instead of showing more of Siri, Globe opted to sell iPhone 4S showcasing the power and functionality of iCloud.

Globe Telecom seemed to win this round.  I am pretty sure SMART will soon come up with their own commercial let us just wait and see.

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