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Facebook Charging Money To All Users? Beware Of This Scam Facebook Will Always Be Free

Last week, there had been rumors that Facebook will start charging all its members (with price grid from bronze, silver to gold membership) unless they share or re-post the message. No one knew where the message or rumor originated but Facebook officially released and posted their stand about it – that Facebook is FREE and will always be and they have no plans or whatsoever of charging their members for any sort or kind of fees. The rumor started after the major revamped on Facebook’s profile like the chat box, news feed ticker, the cool Timeline view and Facebook’s f8 conference.

Facebook Paid

The hoax message claims that Facebook released their plan to charge monthly fees all their members and a price grid was also revealed on that message – Gold members will have to pay $9.99, Silver for a price of $6.99 and $3.99 for Bronze membership monthly.  And the reason given was attributed to the major change on our Facebook profile.  The bogus message further states that we can only enjoy using Facebook for free if we repost the message and share it with our friends. It even says that the report is official and it was even reported in the news.  Furthermore, it says that once you shared the message on your wall, your icon (which icon?) will turn blue and warns all users that your account will be deleted automatically.

Facebook immediately released their official statement about this and says that Facebook will always be free and there’s never a plan to charge their members for any sort of fees for using their social-networking website.

Facebook is Free Forever

Like any other social-networking website, I honestly don’t believe that Facebook will ever charge its users for any kind of fees. The only Facebook product that I am aware of where they ask for payment is if a user wanted to post an advertisement; as for the Facebook game applications, I don’t think additional credits that the end-user pays is Facebook’s doing – it is for the developers who created the games.

Since Facebook is free and the company does not filter any posts or even applications created, it is more likely that we’ll see these kind of annoying messages or hoax posts and worst hoax or virus-infected applications. The only thing we could do is to be more cautious and careful before we click – “Think Before You Click”.

Nevertheless, what if Facebook asks for fee in the future – would you still participate and pay for the fee or will you leave Facebook for good?

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