Dowload Free XMLSpy Alternative Software Editor

Why do you need to buy and spend hundreds of dollars when you can download free XMLSpy alternative software from the Internet? There’s no doubt that Altova’s free XMLSpy editor is one of the best XML editors a developer can use but it is only free for a certain period of time and you need to purchase it afterwards. And the price is not just a couple of pennies. You will need to spend hundreds of dollars before you can fully utilize the full functionality of Altova XMLSpy editor. For this reason, I would like to share with you some interesting yet free XMLSpy alternative software you can download and use if you don’t want to spend a single penny. You can select among the following XML editors I found and actually using right now.

Top Free XML Editor or XMLSpy Alternative Software

1. is one of the best free XMLspy alternative which can be easily accessed online. An XML editor and viewer online. You just need to input the XML you wanted to view and validate. You have the option to view your XML using Text View or Grid View.

XML Grid Online Editor

2. Notepad++

Here’s another free XMLSpy alternative editor application but this time you need to download and install it into your computer.  Notepad++ is one of the most commonly used text editor by most developers. It is not directly an enhanced Microsoft Notepad application but the idea is the same. If you are used to read XML in text view mode then I guess you are OK to use this free XML editor and you can download it from Notepad++ homepage.

Notepad++ Alternative Free XML Editor Software

3. FirstObject Free XML Editor

Here’s another free XMLspy alternative software you can use called FirstObject free XML Editor (also known as foxe) by First Objective Software, Inc. Like Notepad++ above, you will need to download this portable and light XML editor for Windows operating system you can use. Your view options are tree view and text view. You can check out their Youtube video below for a quick view of what you can do with this alternative XML editor. Then if you decide to go with this editor then you can download it from First Object.

FirstObject Portable Free XML Editor-Software


4. WMHelp XMLPad

WMHelp XMLPad is I guess the closest free XMLspy alternative software I have tried so far – and I am still using it as of now. Unfortunately, it looks like that the development have stopped sometime ago but the installation file is all over the Internet. You can check this free XML editor from CNET, SoftPedia, Sourceforge, and TuCows. I have downloaded my WMHelp XMLPad free XMLSpy alternative software from Softpedia. As you can see below, you can view and edit your XML code using either grid view, table view, or text view like with Altova XMLSpy.

WMHelp XMLPad Amazing Free XML Editor


If neither of the options I have provided you to try as free XMLspy alternative software then you can visit this table written in WikiPedia comparing all of the available XML editor.

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