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Don’t Make This Silly Mistake With Your Ad Maker

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You must be in seventh heaven because you can now make your ads thanks to a Video Ad Maker. Only big companies can release video advertisements because small and medium scale enterprises don’t possess a huge advertising budget. Hence, they can’t afford the steep professional fees of advertising agencies and videographers. Today, thanks to tech innovations, you can now make your commercials with a video ad maker online even if you don’t have any experience producing and directing ads. 

Admittedly, creating your brand videos can feel complex. However, this daunting task becomes more comfortable to accomplish with the right digital solutions. But no matter how meticulous you are, you can still make a lot of mistakes along the way. Don’t sweat it out! Perfection is an illusion, and it’s okay to make a few silly errors as you master the craft. Though these issues may feel intimidating, don’t let them steal your joy in creating your own video ad masterpiece. To help you in your future productions, here are some silly mistakes that you can make with your ad maker. 

The Pitfalls of Terrible Sound Quality

The sound makes videos come alive. Without the rights sounds in place, your video clips will not be as engaging. Indeed, low audio quality can push your viewers to skip your videos. Why will they keep watching if they cannot hear and understand what’s going on? When you make videos, you’ll notice three audio components:

  • Musical scoring 
  • Voice-over narration
  • Sound clips or effects

If you use your clip, you can turn off the audio from the original clip by separating audio and video components. Your video ad maker will allow you to delete or simply hide the audio track. This will let your music stand out. Unfortunately, newbie video content creators forget to do this. Remember, if you don’t want your tracks to outdo each other, pay special attention to the sound quality. If you intend to use voice with music, aim for harmony and balance, so it renders beautifully in your viewers’ ears. You must adjust them because no one will pay attention to your footage if the audio is terrible. 

Meanwhile, if the raw file itself is garbled, you can consider re-dubbing and adding voice-over narration with your ad maker. You can also add text subtitles so people can read what is said if the sound is garbled. It would help if you invest in good quality, noise-canceling mic to assure that your source remains crisp, clear, and vibrant. 

The Pain of Weird and Incomplete Transitions

This silly mistake happens when your lengthier transition overpowers the previous clip. You may feel frustrated when you place your chosen transition between two clips, but sadly, one clip does not extend long enough. As a result, the previous clip drops, and a quick black screen appears between transitions. To avoid this issue, make sure your clips are long enough. 

Moreover, another workable solution is adjusting your time using your ad maker. This tool makes it easy for you to clip your videos. Once you’ve determined the right video length, just click, drag, then drop the transition on your chosen timestamp. By simply extending the previous clip, you can avoid weird and incomplete transitions. 

The Bane of Inconsistent Graphics

Though you are not a graphic artist, you can feel like one with the help of your ad maker. However, most “noobs” become overzealous. They just embellish and add whatever they like; thereby, forgetting their video ads are not Christmas Trees. As a result, there’s too much going on, so it becomes painful for the eyes. To avoid this silly mistake, don’t forget that the following must be consistent throughout your video: 

  • Font typeface 
  • Colors of fonts
  • Sizes of chosen typography

Keep in mind; you don’t want to hurt your viewers’ eyes with something that’s overly busy. Instead of going trigger happy with your video ad maker’s free tools, take it easy. Tell yourself that there’s always beauty in simplicity. Thus, you must demonstrate consistency, harmony, and unity in adding text and styling to your productions. Resist the urge to use different and assorted fonts or images that distract the audience from your message. Instead, select a font and color palette, then stick to it. Read tutorials on how to correctly add animations and effects to your text or graphics without sacrificing readability and comprehension. 

The Dreaded Blank Space in The Frame

You’ve finally shot all the clips you need for your commercial. You feel excited to churn out the finished product to share it in all your social media profiles. However, as you sit down and see your raw footage for the first time, you realize that you left blank space on your subject’s head. There’s just too much room in the frame. Most newbies make the mistake of not fixing this aspect with their video ad maker. They believe that all is lost because the original source is shot incorrectly, to begin with. 

However, when you race this dire scenario, take a deep breath because you can still salvage your work. You can readily fix the aspect ratio using your digital tool. With the aid of an ad maker, you can actually maneuver your shot and make the corresponding tweaks to fix the problem. After everything is done, don’t forget to be more aware of your subject’s background when filming. 

The Eyesore Excessive Jump Cuts

Finally, most make the mistake of using excessive jump cuts when editing videos with their ad maker. Though jump cuts serve a purpose, which is to save time by pushing the story forward, they can be overused when you have no clue what other cuts to try. This is most obvious in single shots, wherein you make an abrupt cut to the subject that magically appears in a different position using the same scene. 

To help you fix this problem, explore different cutting styles to move your story. There are so many other cutting techniques the pro video editors rely on. Explore your video ad maker and experiment with various options. You can also try to fix your camera angles during filming or use seamless transitions so the clips don’t look jagged and jarring. After all, the last thing you want when producing ads is to hurt your viewers’ eyes. Remember, your ultimate goal is promoting your brand to get viewers to become paying customers.

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