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Construction Inventory Management Systems Helps you Stay Organized

Construction Inventory Management Systems Helps you Stay Organized

When a construction company has multiple projects then a construction inventory management system becomes particularly helpful. It is the means by which a company can effectively keep track of its materials, workforce, and equipment. It also facilitates efficient scheduling.

Misplaced or lost items can delay a company’s profitability and incur unnecessary costs. Especially if the items lost are custom designed such as the fasteners and forgings you ordered from Dyson Corp. You cannot simply just replace them with alternative parts that are out of specification. It can ruin your company’s reputation and integrity if anything goes wrong with your project. That is why a planned project timeline that has a full inventory of required materials is undoubtedly a vital part of any project planning process. The management system includes:

  • Manufacturer details of tools, manuals, parts requirements, and other important instructions
  • A system that alerts when inventory tools supplies such as nuts and bolts are lower
  • Automatic scheduling of tools’ maintenance to ensure there is no downtime for repairs
  • A downloaded inventory app

Why You Need a Construction Inventory Management System

Contractors often provide skilled services to various homeowners and property managers. In this busy process, you use lots of valuable materials and this can be an overwhelming experience. Keeping track of all these supplies can be frustrating with no advance planning. The inventory is stored in different locations from the track to your tool bag. Sometimes even the use of the software might not be that effective because the numerous features can be confusing at times.

Many service providers will agree that it is extremely hard to keep track of the entire inventory needed for a particular day at work. That is why most will just opt to take everything with them when going to work. It is better than realizing he does not have a particular tool at the site and has to go for it, wasting his and the client’s time.

A mobile inventory management system simplifies this whole process by alerting you to the location of the items just with the click of a button. You update inventory counts wherever you are while setting up automatic reminders each time inventory gets low.

Not sure where you kept that box of nuts? Could it be in the truck, in your shop, or at the back of your car? It can be nearly impossible to succeed in making a wild guess. A user-friendly inventory system will save you time and money since you can see all items in one place and even check the current stock levels.

Stop Wasting Valuable Time

Imagine a day when you have spent long driving hours making trips to different clients’ properties. It would be so disheartening to have to all the way back to the headquarters just to locate a single item. So much time is wasted for you and your team.

Service providers who spend most of their time outside their workshops will particularly find an inventory management system helpful. You will no longer need to spend endless hours counting your supplies each time you have to go to a client. All that is needed on your part is to ensure the inventory never runs out so the whole process becomes easy and accurate.

Why would a service provider buy something they already have? As long as you are sure of where all your stuff is then you will not order something you already have, thinking that you might need it. Placing orders becomes easier since you are confident of what you got and how much of it is remaining in stock. Therefore money is channeled correctly to be used in advertisement, hire more employees or make improvements in your fleet. You will be in total control since you have full knowledge of items that need to be replaced, those that have expired or are low stock.

Should You Try A Designated Employee?

Since most of the service providers work for a small business or are self-employed, they cannot afford to hire a designated employee to monitor their entire inventory. And it just makes sense. Why should they do so when technological advancement has made it possible to use inexpensive management systems that cost much less than hiring a full–time employee?

As a matter of fact, most of the cutting-edge inventory management systems available today require no special training. Learning to use the app is simple and no special hardware is necessary.

Do you run an automotive plant but the look and feel of your inventory systems resemble that of a construction Company? Most service providers can relate to this situation. The truth is that most of the management systems available today may help you stay organized yet are very complex. Be careful when choosing one in order to ensure your system serves its purpose while being easy to sync and accessible from anywhere.

The Problem with Keeping Tack Using a Spreadsheet

Excel sometimes may be a complicated system, especially for employees who are not yet trained. Even though you may be a wiz at it, sometimes things just go as planned, and sooner or later you might realize the spreadsheet is not just helping your company keep track of things in an organized manner.

Some of the drawbacks to using an excel spreadsheet include:

  • Lack of insight
  • Difficult to access from Smartphones
  • Cannot be updated or synced when on the road
  • Hard for multiple users to team up at once
  • Lacks useful features such as the ability to send reminders or display pictures

Undoubtedly, a modern inventory management system is a great time saver. When choosing a system to use ensure you look for helpful features that will help you and your company stay organized. A mobile system is advantageous because you can quickly open an App from your phone wherever you are and send a snapshot to your colleagues at any given moment.

A busy working environment calls for proper planning and an efficient management system to enable you to be in total control. When such an organized system is not there problems are bound to occur. Moreover, constantly looking for inventory is frustrating and can affect the quality of services delivered.  Make good use of your time.

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