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CES 2012 Las Vegas – No Tablet Show For This Year?

In a few hours from now, the biggest and most extravagant annual tech showcase which is popularly known as the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 (CES 2012) will soon open its gate live at Las Vegas to give us the latest and newest innovations from different known tech companies. We will soon see what to expect from these big companies’ engineers when they showcase their latest products. Tradition proves that every year, tech companies such as Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony, Google and many more are there flaunting their latest designs, innovations, gadgets, applications and many more – it’s more like a big school science fair. From home entertainment from the likes of Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, gadgets like new mobile phones, innovations and enhancements for the likes of Gorilla Glass OLED, Smart TVs, gaming consoles like what the rumor says – Wii U from Nintendo, Microsoft’s Xbox 720, and Sony’s PlayStation 4, and many more to delight your eyes.

CES 2012 Las Vegas

Unfortunately, “less interest” is more likely to expect from the tablet industry.  No one is really certain if there’s anything or something new will come out this year.  If you recall last year, there had been great expectations from Google’s Honeycomb tablet but it only sold a few million before the end of 2011. One big disappointment was the Blackberry RIM’s Playbook – which was considered as one expensive flop of RIM. It looks like that if we talk of tablet only Apple retained its status as the largest earner of them all with their iPad sales.

The only expectation now for possible for tablets is Google’s ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich which is the 4th Android iteration.  However, we still have no clue which tablet will be using ICS for the showcase.

One thing is certain, major players are going into “ultrabooks“. We’ll be seeing competing companies like Sony and Lenovo against Apple’s MAcBook Air.

Let us all wait and see what happens tonight at Las Vegas, USA for the next CES 2012.

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