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Build Your Phone Entertainment Store with Free Music Downloads

Listening to music on a hammock tied between trees when visiting the Rockies can give you unforgettable memories. It is the ultimate entertainment when running away from the busy city on the weekend.

But wait a minute! The millennial worker does not wait to get out of work. The earphones are always on as he/she smiles the whole day at the workstation.

This thrill of enjoying the best music all the time has to be protected jealously by getting absolute control of the music you love.

While listening to streaming services is indeed great, the entertainment is under the control of a third party. The songs you cherish so much can become unavailable by a simple push of a button by the streaming services company.

This means three things:

  • You have to get contented that someone else is in control
  • The cost of accessing the music grows progressively
  • Any hiccup to network connectivity suddenly cuts off the entertainment.

Whether the music access was blocked by the artist, the streaming service, or a poor network, nothing should stand between you and top-notch entertainment. It is time to get absolute control with free music downloads.

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How to download the best songs online

Downloading free music online provides an opportunity to build a large collection that you can access anytime and anywhere on the globe.

Whether you are traveling to the top of the Rockies or down the Grand Canyon where there is no network, the music will keep playing from the phone drive all the time.

  • Understand your phone operating system: The free music download apps are designed to operate on specific mobile phone operating systems. The top two operating systems are Android and iOS.
  • Know the target music stores and streaming services: To download music from any service requires getting access. For example, if you want free music download from YouTube, you have to gain access or specify the URL to the preferred song. This is important because some apps are designed for specific platforms only.
  • Identify the preferred app and install it on the smartphone. Most of the top free apps in the market will only work well if they are installed on the phone operating system. Note that apps such as InsTube that target pulling music from YouTube might not be stocked in the Google App store. Such apps should be accessed from the respective developer home page and installed by allowing the phone to accept third-party apps.

The top music download apps that work

Today, there are many music download apps from different companies that target helping music lovers get absolute control of their entertainment. The following are the top four free music download apps you should consider;

  • InsTube: This is the best music download free app in the market today. It has top-notch features including a video accelerator, video converter, and video locker for enhanced security. The app allows users to pull out songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, and even social media. Note that the app is completely free for Android users.
  • Wynk Music: This downloader provides users with access to about 2 million songs. It also allows them to personalize the tracks in order to match the mood or preferred artist. However, it does not allow users to pull music from other platforms.
  • Google Play Music: Many people look at anything designed by Google with admiration. It is the same thing with the Google Play Music app. It allows users to suggest music, categorize, and even access podcasts. You can store the preferred music using the app from Google stores to your drive.
  • MixerBox: This is a free Android MP3 download app that allows users to download songs from multiple services such as YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Picking the best free music download app is the best way to start building a personal collection that is free from interference. Remember that if you pick the right app, all the music in your store will be absolutely free.

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