Best Android Games To Play With IPEGA Gamepad Controller

As promised from my last post, “How To Setup IPEGA Remote Bluetooth Gamepad Controller“, I will be putting up this article just for the best Android games to play with IPEGA gamepad controller (PG-9025) that we have tried and tested. Why Android? Well, if you have read my previous article you will see there that I wasn’t even happy using PG-9025 media controller on my iPhone unless I jailbreak it just for me to be able to play with some of the cool game simulator available in iTunes. Probably someday we would be able to use the controller without jailbreaking the iPhone or any iOS devices.  Anyways, here are some of the cool and best compatible Android games to play with IPEGA gamepad controller. And we will continue to update this post everytime we have a new game tested.

All the videos here are courtesy of Petiksmode TV. And all of the testing he did to check for the best and compatible Android games to play with IPEGA gamepad controller were done using his LG Optimus G and LG Optimus G2 smartphone. The preview below will give you an overview whether you’d love the simulation game before you even purchase it from Google Play Store – so you won’t waste your precious money for the Android games you don’t want.


 Best iPega Controller Games for Android

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne – One of the popular and best Android games to play with IPEGA gamepad controller where you will surely enjoy. That is if you are into high-speed race games and HD graphics then I am quite certain you will love this game. Here’s a quick preview of how Asphalt 8: Airborne looks like while playing it with the controller,


2. Table Top Racing – Table Top racing by Playrise Digital Ltd., is the next cutest Android race game that is compatible with IPEGA gamepad controller. An unorthodox racing game using unconventional vehicles and by saying that it means you won’t see any race cars. The cars are upgradeable and you can play on 8 race tracks. While playing, keep out from those over-sized obstacles along the way but don’t forget to get those mystery box for power-ups.


3. SoulCraft – Now, if you are into RPG simulation games then this nifty app which was featured before by Google in the last Google I/O conference is one of the best Android games to play with iPEGA game controller. This Android game is another cool app to kill time :). And the best thing about it is it’s FREE!


4. Dead Trigger – Zombies everywhere and all you have to do is kill ’em all! If you played DOOM before on any console games then I think this Action-packed game is for you to have. The story-line, well I can relate it to the movie “Resident Evil” – virus outbreak… sounds familiar?


5. Beach Buggy Blitz – So here’s the setup, beach view, your character on a beach get-up, and a cool buggy – a hot-rod beach buggy – that you will need to drive into the depths of this mysterious tropical island. One thing I love in this race game is the great graphics and fun game. You need to drive and get those power-ups and upgrades to boost your cool beach buggy.


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There you have it! As I’ve mentioned we will continue to update this post with new cool and best Android games to play with IPEGA gamepad controller. And if you have tried some other games with the controller, please share your experience with us. 🙂

Have fun!


  1. Hi Arsie

    I have tried the games you recommend for the ipega 9025 controller which I have, I particularly liked dead trigger (dead trigger 2 works as well and I think is better) and asphalt 8. It seems there are very few android games that work with the ipega 9025.The ones I have found from downloading the ones mentioned in the manual do work, for example soulcraft (incidentally soulcraft 2 works too and is even better) and shadowgun. I found that dungeon hunter 4 works but not 3. I am primarily interested in first person shooters but can only find shadowgun and cs portable to work. I would be very grateful if you could suggest any suitable games or if there is a definitive list of any games that work with my controller. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I will of course be keeping up with your suggested lists.

    Keep up the good work

    many thanks


  2. Pls I need your urgent help. I have a 650 Microsoft phone n a ipega Bluetooth controller. I cannot play game with it. How compatible are the two device. N give the list of kind of phones that works with ipega Bluetooth controller. Thanks

  3. Really appreciate your work
    All your posts are really innovative and informative.
    Thanks a lott for providing us with such information.

  4. Hi, just wondering why my ipega wont work for the lego heros app game on my galaxy? I did also truly a ps4 and xbox controller and they didnt work in the game either. But all 3 controllers work and connect no worries to my device just not to the actual lefi game. Any help would be great.


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