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Best 5 Karaoke Apps for Android Built For Song Lovers

Sing like a PRO and try any of these best 5 Karaoke apps for Android. As you know, we all live in an era where a day can’t pass without someone having stress. It increases day by day and everybody have their ways to control it. Well, some may decide to play or watch sports, listening to music go to parties as well as going to a karaoke with friends to relieve themselves of the stress.

To people who do not know what a karaoke is; karaoke is a devised that is used in clubs or pubs where one takes a microphone and sings along to certain music or relics.  Surely, if you love to sing it will be more fun if you have a karaoke app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Due to advancement of technology, android phones were made to make life a lot easier. Like such as, a business person who has an android can work from anywhere especially if they must go for business trips. Therefore, the same way a person having an android can reduce stress through it, all they need is the correct app. you can express your feelings through karaoke. Well, below are some of the best karaoke apps.

Sing like a PRO with best 5 karaoke app

1. TuneWiki-lyrics for music

Getting an app that can work in any language can be quite difficult to find. However, through TuneWiki-lyrics for music you will get the opportunity to play different music’s that will sync lyrics to any language. It is the best app to have in your android. In other words, this app gives you the ability to translate the lyric to 40 different languages. You can enjoy sings all the songs in your mother tongue. This app also updates you of new songs through song maps.
TuneWiki - Lyrics for Music

Download TuneWiki Lyrics for Music (Free)

2. musiXmatch Lyrics & Music

This app is one of the most popular song lyric apps. It is approximated that, there are more than 6 million people using this app round the world. MusiXmatch Lyrics & Music offers different lyrics in 20 different languages. Furthermore, the app identifies lyrics with their music ID. It can also arrange your music via my music.

musiXmatch Lyrics & Music

Download musiXmatch Lyrics & Music (Free)

3. Sing Sing Together Free

This app best suits your kids. If you have a kid who is in a preschool and elementary, you may consider getting them this app. This app will teach them how to speak in English, increase their talent in singing and, they will get to know many songs that are for kids. Furthermore, this app has 3D characters that will do certain actions when singing. For example, when they are singing a song like “head shoulder knees and toes song” the character will do the action of touching the head, shoulders knees and toes.

Sing Sing Together Free

Download Sing Sing Together Free (Free)

4. Red karaoke

This app is also one of the best. The reason is that this app has the ability to let you sing and record yourself when doing so. Furthermore, you can get access to over 45,000 songs when you apply for VIP membership. This app gives you pure entertainment and fun like no other app.

Red Karaoke

Download Red Karaoke (Free)

5. Karaoke-sing me

This app makes your android to act as a mini portable karaoke machine. This app lets you to the common karaoke file formats as well as sings with them right through your phone. This app supports various apps such as MIDI e Kar, MP3+g and MP3+LRC.

Karaoke - Sing Me

Download Karaoke-sing me ($1.27)

What are you waiting for, try this app and tell others of the experience.


  1. Thank a lot buddy!! I was searching for such apps to make karaokes of my favorite songs. I have tried an app called Audacity for the same purpose but the result was not perfect even though it worked. Mp3’s quality was very low in Audacity vocal remover. Hope these will work for me. 🙂

  2. Hi , I am Naveen.

    Can any one plz let me know if there are any softwares for andriod mobiles , to give our song from device as input and get the karaoke track for that song, please I need it bad urgently.

    P Naveen.


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