How Augmented Reality Can Help HealthCare Industry?

In the last 25 years, some of the highly technological advancements, including CT scans to wearable technology, have changed the entire way patients are diagnosed and treated.

These advancements have also enhanced the way doctors are being educated and trained about different medical problems and treatments.

According to VR/AR advisor Digi-Capital, the Augmented Reality is expected to grow into a $90 billion industry by 2020.

Augmented Reality Can Help HealthCare Industry

This high-end technology overlays graphics across you instead of closing you off in a completely virtual environment. As it is advancing across all the industries like gaming & entertainment, real estate, logistics, retail, healthcare, etc.

With its wide-reaching implications, Augmented Reality will transform the whole medical sector from delivering real-time data and assistance through its most difficult surgical procedures and to support aftercare and administration.

However, it is the first step of Augmented Reality’s potential to the healthcare industry. Augmented reality can also be beneficial for Physician practitioners which were elaborated here.

In this post, we will look at how AR technology is helping doctors in solving different problems, making existing healthcare processes more effective and effectual.

Medical Problems and Its Solution With Augmented Reality

Problem 1. Medical Training

Teaching medical students about anatomy and surgical procedures is not an easy task as it requires the right way to teach them about different procedures. The traditional methods involve textbooks, charts, flashcards, etc. that can’t make them understand the human body and how it functions. It is important to give them a clear picture of the entire procedure.

Augmented Reality Classroom

Solution: Now, Augmented Reality in the healthcare industry is giving enormous solutions to doctors as it has an answer to facilitate medical training. Doctors can leverage Augmented reality apps like Anatomy 4D that are used by teachers, medical professionals and anyone, who wants to learn about the body into an interactive 4D experience of human anatomy.

Even various medical colleges have started using Augmented Reality for coursework and for practicals so that they can demonstrate treatment models to students. AR technology helps students to get a better understanding of different surgical procedures and treatments.

AR applications that are built using AR technology can easily help overlay digital information in the form of audio, 3D models, video onto skeletons so that students can understand in a better way.

Problem 2.  Conducting Difficult Surgeries

No matter whether it is liver surgery or any dental surgery, a lot of doctors find it daunting to locate the root cause of any disease. At the time of surgery, it is essential for doctors to know the exact place so that they can perform surgery without any difficulty.

Solution: Augmented Reality healthcare apps have gained much popularity as these applications are helpful for surgeons and doctors to become more efficient at this. Whether it is about conducting a slightly invasive procedure or locating a tumor in the liver, AR healthcare apps helped a lot in saving lives and treating patients seamlessly.

One such example is Medsightstech is software to test the feasibility of using AR to develop the right 3-dimensional reconstructions of tumors. This software will assist surgeons while their procedures and it is attainted using a unique patent-pending software, allowing complex image reconstruction and for the first time, in real-time.

Watch this video.

Problem 3. Diagnostic & Treatment

It was not easily possible for doctors to diagnose the exact health issues of patients and treat them accordingly. Understanding different health issues of different patients and treating them require accurate information, but doctors were not getting the exact information about the issues of patients.

SolutionToday, Augmented Reality apps have helped immensely. Giving the right and relevant information to doctors and healthcare providers, AR technology can help doctors to treat patients.

Augmented Reality Doctor Analysis

AR solutions can save the lives of people by allowing doctors to access information rapidly without having to shift their attention from the patient getting the treatment. For instance, EyeDecide is one such medical app that makes use of the camera display for simulating the impact of any particular conditions on a person’s vision. With this app, doctors can easily show simulation patient’s vision, who is suffering from a specific condition.

Furthermore, AR can also improve surgeon’s field of view by overlaying an enlarged 3D version of vital organs as they have difficulty with surgeries.

Problem 4. To Make Patients Understand About Treatments and Drugs

Many a time, doctors are facing problems while explaining to patients about treatments and drugs. There are a lot of patients, who wanted to know the entire procedure of any treatment, so it is not easy for doctors to explain the entire procedure step-by-step. Even patients want to understand different drugs and how they are working inside.

Solution: Now, Augmented Reality medical applications helping doctors to invite patients to scan packaging or printed materials so that they can know about the drug’s benefits and mode of action.

In addition to this, patients can see and understand how the drug is working in their bodies. They can see it in 3D in front of their eyes rather than just reading long descriptions. It is considered as the most innovative way to solve the issue as various people tend to throw the packaging or paper description.

Moreover, they can also explain to patients about different procedures and treatments of many diseases. For example, Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP) is one such platform that is connected to standard operating room navigation systems and gives advanced imaging capabilities like multiple 3D points of view so that surgeons can understand their case from a microscope perspective and from behind the tumor.


These are some of the different problems that doctors are facing, so Augmented Reality apps are considered the most powerful and advanced solutions that can solve various problems of doctors and allow them to easily treat their patients.

By utilizing AR technology, the medical industry can make more informed healthcare decisions that lead patients to a better standard of care and quality of life. Various augmented reality apps development companies with a better understanding of AR/VR technology are ready to help doctors and physicians to get their desired AR healthcare apps or solutions so that they can serve their patients in a better way.

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