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Apple iPhone 5 In The Philippines – How Much And Where To Buy

MANILA, Philipines – It’s been two weeks since the initial and official release of iPhone 5 but pre-orders and shipping was not yet available globally since it was announced up until today. Luckily, there are already some grey markets and even reputable retailers here in the Philippines who are now selling the sixth generation iPhone 5. So far I have seen some offers – that’s good news. However, since they are ahead of the supposedly iPhone 5 shipping here you might get a little bit surprised on how much are they selling these new handsets. Ā The price of the new iPhone 5 ranges from PHP 47,000. to as high as PHP 65,500.00 – check your pockets now. šŸ™‚

Apple iPhone 5 4G LTE
Image courtesy of my colleague who bought iPhone 5 from SG –Ā Reggie Babagay

The price mentioned above are somehow pretty much expected – that is if you are going to ask me. Ā It is not the first time I’ve seen this kind of strategy and the only benefit I feel that you will be getting is the satisfaction and bragging rights to become one of the first owners of iPhone 5 in the Philippines.

One of the known and reputable online retailer Kimstore is now offering the new sixth generation iPhone 5 from their online gadget store hosted by Multiply. Ā The prices are as follows:

[note] UPDATE 15-JAN-2013:Ā Apple iPhone 5 from KimStore gets discounted. Source: Kimstore Facebook. Ā [/note]

KimstoreĀ Apple iPhone 5 (in PHP)

  • iPhone 5 16gb – 30,600 from 32,200 (save: 1,600)
  • iPhone 5 32gb – 35,600 from 37,200 (save: 1,500)
  • iPhone 5 64gb – 40,200 from 41,000 (save: 800)

***For more details about the prices and packages, you can visit Kimstore Online Gadget Store.

This morning, my friend also saw this grey market offering the same handset via Sulit.com.ph and the shop’s name isĀ Appstore located at Greenhills (Greenhills is known here for selling gadgets, smartphones, and other cool stuffs). They also have not only the new iPhone 5 but other iOS 6 products. Ā Here are the prices of their iPhone 5:

Appstore Greenhills iPhone 5

  • 16gb – 54,500
  • 32gb – 59,500
  • 64gb – 65,500

***You can visit their post here.

So far, there have been no official announcements yet either from Apple or from the official retailers here in the Philippines (even those big mobile carriers) as to when are they going to release and sell the sixth generation iPhone 5. Until then, it’s entirely up to you if you want to spend that much just to be the first. šŸ™‚

Happy shopping!


  1. IPhone 5 is hot! While it may be a really cool device to have around, it will however empty your pockets. I really like its ability to take panoramic pictures. I do hope that its price will go down in the next year or two.

  2. An iPhone here I’m Brazil is very expensive. It is the price of a car. Of course it’s a very good phone, but I would never spend money with it.


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