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Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) For Samsung Galaxy S II By Q1’12

Yesterday I saw an update from Samsung UK where they officially announced via Twitter that Samsung Galaxy S II will soon be receiving Android Ice Cream Sandwich (usually UK does the development and testing for Samsung Android).  Unfortunately, it’s like a teaser to all Sammy users since @SamsungUK did not divulge any information as to when will it be available for us to download.  My hunch like any other tech bloggers this will take at most 6 months before they can officially launch or release this – hopefully via OTA or at least it works via Samsung Kies update.  This is actually good news for people like me who owns Samsung Galaxy S II.  The Android version I currently have on my Samsung Galaxy S II is Gingerbread and I would love to have that ICS update knowing those cool features I saw from the review of Samsung Galaxy Nexus and from the official information I read from Android 4.0 platform official website.

Samsung ICS To Be released

So what are the things that you’ll enjoy from Android 4.0 update or better known as Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update? First, let us all watch Android’s teaser when it launched their Samsung Galaxy Nexus sporting Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It shows most of the major highlights of ICS update and below that is CNET’s hands-on review of Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

First and foremost, if you’re not aware Android Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS is the combination of Android tablet platform Honeycomb and Smartphone’s Gingerbread – so imagine how powerful that will be. You can now have the best of both Android operating system (OS). This is actually the goal of Google, to deliver a refined and unified user-interface for all Android users. Some of the features that I would really want to have is the face recognition to provide more security to my phone (I think Apple also have this feature). Also the live effects that you can add while you’re taking videos. Actually there’s more features that you will surely enjoy. I will definitely wait for this update and as soon as I have it I will post it here.

For more information and complete details of Ice Cream Sandwich update, click this link to check it directly from

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