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[Android Game Review] Samurai II: Vengeance Tegra HD Version – Download Link

Here’s my initial impression while playing this Tegra HD version Samurai II: Vengeance – see your manga comics in action! It’s like you’re reading an action-based manga comics but while you’re reading the plot of the story you’re actually playing the main role as a Samurai. This is a bloody game play and I really mean bloody game as you would even see blood splashing onto your screen after slashing your enemies.

Samurai II Vengeance


Samurai II Vengeance is a tale of a Samurai named Daisuke who’s on a quest to find his arch-enemy Orochi with a personal vendetta.  There are seven chapters you have to finish and since from the beginning of this chapter, you playing as Daisuke will have to face all the bandits or enemies and the only way to get away from them is to slash your way out – literally.  Your lifeline or health bar gets longer and longer as you finish each fight or chapter.


Tip: Aside from killing your enemies, whenever you see a barrel – destroy it!  It will give the possibility to unlock new combat moves and will give additional KARMA points onto your health bar.


As you go farther and farther into the story, as I’ve said your health bar gets longer and longer but along with it of course the level of difficulty of the game gets harder and harder.  You always need to think of a better strategy to get face your enemies if you want to face Orochi and finish the game.  It’s not only the bandits holding samurai swords that you’ll be facing here but also archers and also boss with higher health bar and of course stronger.  And not only that, the obstacles along the way are getting harder and harder like passing through swaying spikes and rolling bars with spikes.  Not to worry if you fail on each attempt because you’ll still have the chance to continue or resume your quest (an option will prompt you if you want to continue and try again).  The good thing is there’s no “Game Over” here – well none so far in the Easy Level.

I haven’t finished the game yet, I am still stuck on chapter four because I only play the game every night before my nap time.  But the question remains, will Daisuke be able to face Orochi and fulfill his vengeance against him?  I will try to finish the game and see for myself.

Here are some of the screenshot I took while playing the early stages or chapters of Samurai II: Vengeance.  By the way, I am playing this game on my Samsung Galaxy S II and I love the graphics and the blood splashing on my screen – how morbid of me. 🙂

As much I would like to put some more tips here, I won’t for you to find out for yourself and enjoy the game. OK I will give you one more.


Facing Enemies: When you’re in a situation that there’s a combination of archers and samurais, kill the archer first before the samurais.  Also always roll to avoid the arrows, there’s an interval before they can draw the next arrow.


Download Samurai II: Vengeance from Android Market – link.

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