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[Android App Review] Dropbox For Android – Share Your Photos, Videos, Documents Online

I mentioned in one of the articles I posted yesterday about the main function of iCloud which lets you save your files on a virtual hard drive and because of this I decided to share with you this Android application I am using on my Samsung Galaxy S II that does almost the same thing – Dropbox For Android. This is not actually new and probably most of you are already using this application but this is for those who still don’t have it and don’t even know what it is. Before I used Dropbox for Android, I have been already using it on my desktop computer and it really helped me a lot especially with my work. It enables me to save my unfinished documents on my virtual hard drive and access it anywhere when I need it back.

Dropbox For Android

This time, because Dropbox application made my life easier in managing my files through my desktop computers, I have decided to add this application on my Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S II. One big help of this application is it lets me save the screenshots I captured on my smartphone or even the photos I captured from my camera and retrieve them all on my computer for final touches – and these photos are what you see on most of my articles here in eyes4tech.

How to register?

Registration is so easy, it only requires you to provide a valid email address and fill some information that will be asked from you (not so personal information).

But first, you have to download the application first either on your desktop computer and/or smartphone.  Along the installation you will be asked to set up your account and the environment where you will use the application.  The free storage is 2GB, which is the standard free storage allocation for any online services.  The other options, well, you have the option to upgrade or increase your storage but with a corresponding fee.  For me, 2GB is enough for now since I have no plans of storing all of my files there.

Not to worry, even the application itself is free to download and use.  And if you want to give it a shot you can download it through the link below:

Download Dropbox for Android – Link

But first register your account here.

Here are some of the screenshot on how this application will look like when you use it on your smartphone. Also below is Dropbox’ official video clip describing how this application works.

Dropbox LoginDropbox Login AccountDropbox Default FoldersDropbox Uploading FilesDropbox-Uploading PhotosDropbox Folder - Photos

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