ACER Iconia: Welcome To The Future Of Button”less” Notebook & Tablet

Acer Iconia Is The Future!

ACER Iconia Series – Have you seen the movie Minority Report by Tom Cruise way back 2002? Well, this article is not about his movie but when I first saw and read ACER Iconia from one of my favorite magazines last night, this movie flashed back into my head. If you’re wondering why, get a load of what this monstrous notebook has to say. For me, it’s already on my wish list for this year – something that I would really want to have.

Are you getting tired of cleaning your keyboard and touchpad? Well, worry no more because ACER Iconia is now here – button-“less” notebook.

ACER Iconia

ACER Iconia was first showcased at ACER’s Global Press Event in New York last November 2010, wherein the company’s talking nothing but “touch” and they say with their new laptop you’ll experience lots of touch and more touch – they said it right. And recently, ACER Philippines together with Microsoft Philippines launched their Iconia bandwagon – the 14-inch dual touchscreen Iconia Touchbook and 10.1-inch Iconia Tab. The Iconia Touchbook runs on Windows 7 and inside it is Intel’s Core i5 480M processor with 4GBs of RAM. And yeah, you can also stretch applications (any Windows compatible applications) such as browsers on both screens, while the bottom screen can turn into a virtual keyboard with a virtual thumbpad whenever you press it with your palm – lots of virtual, eh? Way too cool, isn’t?

Here’s the basic package of ACER Iconia Touchbook:

ACER Iconia Touchbook Specs
ACER Iconia Touchbook
ACER Iconia Dual Panel
Acer Iconia Series
I know it’s not cheap but what do you expect, right? With its features and hardware overload, the price is just fair enough.

You can avail this online via or get Acer Iconia-6120 14-Inch Dual-Screen Touchbook from Amazon.

ACER also launched their ACER Iconia Tab W500/W501 – a Windows 7 slate device.  What’s the deal here? It’s AMD’s Fusion platform with the C50 APU(Accelerated Processing Unit) running at 1GHz. he APU integrates the CPU and GPU in one chip to deliver performance at a very low power consumption (9W).   This device will also come with a keyboard dock that will make your tablet transform into a 10.1-inch notebook-sized laptop.  The price is still unknown and ACER haven’t released yet the SRP for these devices but this will surely come out with a rough estimate not lower than PhP 30,000.00.

ACER Iconia Tab W500-W501 Specs

Acer Iconia TAB W500

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