7 Hot Social Media Techniques for Bloggers

Think about this, YouTube users view around 3 billion hours worth of videos every month. Additionally, approximately 91% of adults who go online are on social media channels regularly. Plus, an estimated 38% of individuals who are on social networks follow or suggest a brand they “Like”. To top it off, billions of people have accounts on leading sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr. So what do these statistics have to do with blogging? Two words — widen readership.

The Importance of Social Media to Bloggers

Of course, it goes beyond increasing the number of your readers. With activities like social networking and photo or video sharing, you can also gain the following:

  • Interaction – Sure, you can start a conversation with the other users through the comment box; however, you can make the discussion more interactive on your fan page or in forums.
  • Quality traffic – You can bring more people to your blog, especially with proper promotion.
  • More shares – You can encourage your followers or fans (or friends) to recommend your content to their own network. Well, you can just imagine the amount of exposure your posts get when hundreds of individuals suggest you on their pages.
  • Free marketing – You can promote your blog without spending a penny.

These are merely half of the huge help that social media provides to a blogger like you. Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, let us find out how you can make the most of it.

Social Media

The Strategies

It’s a given that Facebook, Google+, Reddit, and Pinterest (to name a few popular websites) have billions of members. However, you cannot grab the attention of these people with a mere post and a link to your blog post. You must carry out particular techniques to make them notice you.

And, what are these? Let us have a look at these ideas.

1. Avoid flooding them with updates

According to a survey, the more messages you create in a day, the less the engagement.

Why do you think so?

Well, imagine seeing a long stream of posts from one person. Would you bother reading these? Probably not, right?

Therefore, limit your tweets or Wall updates to one or two. This way, you can keep your readers wanting more.

2. Create one username

You may think that an ID like this—sweet18-cutiepie—sounds interesting and fitting for your profile page. Hmm, it may be if you are in high school and a bit vain (pardon me for being stereotypical).

However, you’re a blogger who probably hopes to make money out of the activity (maybe soon). Do you want the people to identify you or your blog to a (somewhat) silly username?

Therefore, come up with one that sounds professional, which is preferably your blog name.

3. Display widgets and buttons

Make it less troublesome for the users to find you on different social media channels. So whatever networking site you have an account with, place its icon on your blog. This way, the readers will only have to click on it to navigate to your fan or profile page. Other than that, they can “Like” your article or “Share” it to their friends.

As a bonus tip, you can ask a Web designer to create social buttons that match your platform’s theme.

4. Take advantage of Pinterest

This photo-sharing website is all the rage these days, especially among many individuals who love to upload images. If you want to boost your online presence, then put your pictures on themed boards and link these to related posts. Plus, integrate a plugin (e.g. Pin It), so it will be easy for the users to share your articles on their boards.

5. Participate in blogger groups

If there is LinkedIn for professionals and entrepreneurs, there is also a community for people interested in blogging. What’s great about it is that you can find a group according to your niche or preference. You can even start your own if you want to.

Once you’re already a member, you can share your ideas with other bloggers and you can obtain insights from them as well.

6. Interact with the users

You have to remember that it isn’t social media for nothing. Therefore, respond to comments whether these are positive or negative. If it’s the latter, take time to come up with rational replies that don’t resort to you lashing out harsh words.

You can also start discussions by asking questions. By doing so, you can come up with new blog topics, which you know are interesting for your readers.

7. Promote other bloggers

You are probably familiar with this quote, “Give and you shall receive”. Why am I telling you this?

It applies to blogging, too.

If you share, comment, like, and re-tweet the content of other bloggers, there is a high possibility that they will do the same for you. This means more exposure on your part.

Final Insight

So there you have it—seven ways to make social media work for your blogging activities. As a last tip, it pays to learn from other people too, especially since my ideas are not exhaustive of all the things you can do.

With that said, take time to swap techniques with the members in your group. Oh, and if you like to share your thoughts here, feel free to do so.


  1. I must say this is so wow. And these days are totally depend on social media, people most of the time spend their time on social media. These social media right now not only for passing times but also these social sites uses for business.

    Lots of people doing blogging but everyone cant shine up because of some lacking. This is so true sometime page owner doesn’t reply audience’s comment this can be bad for doing blog post. So role of the social media is very high.
    This is really awesome and you are the stroke of genius for blogging.


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