3 Helpful Gadgets You Should Start Investing in This Year

What separates an investor from a bandwagoner?

An investor grabs an opportunity before it grows, profiting if it becomes a success. If it doesn’t, then they learned something new, which they may use as they study other potential investments.

Bandwagoners do the opposite. They buy into a trend when it is already rising or has just reached its peak. They get lured in by paid ads and consequently ride on a fad, hoping to get rich quick.

You know that’s how most wannabe angel investors fall. They rise on wax wings then plummet like Icarus did.

Are you a bandwagoner? Or do you want to be an actual investor? Don’t worry if you don’t have that much money now. You can purchase products that give returns in terms of convenience and efficiency. They’re considered as investments too.

Here are some such gadgets that may turn out beneficial for you.

Helpful Gadgets You Should Start Investing
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Smart Typewriter

A portable smart typewriter is a dedicated word processor, like a laptop, only better for writers. Because unlike a laptop, a smart typewriter doesn’t have web browser support or exclusive games or even a lot of apps for that matter. In fact, it only does a couple of things: word processing and uploading drafts to a cloud (i.e., Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

How is that good for you?

With writing apparatuses, less is more. Think of it this way: since you can’t browse the internet and read random tidbits and trite memes, you will be able to focus on your work better. Fewer distractions means more writing done.

While its minimalist style reduces digital diversions, you may still get distracted by your surroundings. One thing you can do in that scenario is to move to another place, somewhere quieter, so you can concentrate on your work.

This is when a smart typewriter’s portability comes into play. It has a handle on top, so every time you want to move, you can do so with ease.

Gaming Computer

Since you’re researching about investment, you may have heard about the recent bitcoin crash. Along with its decline, prices on graphics cards have dropped, which, in turn, also means gaming PCs are also becoming more affordable.

“How is a gaming PC an investment when it’s just a machine that’ll consume my precious time?” you ask.

For one, computers built for gaming are, of course, more powerful than any regular PC is. Usually, they have faster CPUs, more RAM, and a dedicated GPU. In layman’s terms, they’re built with better components.

If you work using heavy software/apps, a gaming setup can make everything run smoothly. You’ll never ever experience delays again, and crashes will rarely happen (unless it’s a software problem or, ten years later, if your PCs getting old).

This is particularly important for people who work with video content (i.e., editing, publishing, etc.). That kind of work requires a computer with a good graphics card, which is a core component present in all gaming PCs.

Multitasking is also made easy. Gaming setups use CPUs that have multiple cores (4, 8, 16, and recently, 32!). Having more cores means you can run several applications at the same time with no loss on speed.

What about convenience and portability? Then go get a gaming laptop. You’ll have a powerful rig that you can take around with you, wherever you go.

Automated Vacuums

Benefits for work aside, how about a device that helps you around the house, specifically, one that cleans up after you?

An automated smart vacuum may look like the least in this triumvirate of efficient gadgets, but it can be the most helpful and most relevant for a lot of people.

After all, living healthily starts with a clean home. But with all the responsibilities that come with age, who has time to sweep the floor?

If you live alone or if your family, life partner, or housemate/s have their own careers to work on, maintaining a well-kept house can become a chore that can eat up your time significantly. In that case, an automated cleaning assistant can be a pretty convenient device.

You only have to press a button, and the little metallic pancake will scamper off cutely, devouring dirt and dust around your house.

If you find it tedious to clean up every day, a smart vacuum can significantly reduce that chore to a weekly or biweekly task rather than a daily one. (You will still need to dust off areas that your little helper can’t reach.)

You’ll have more time to work on your career or to pamper yourself after a stressful day.


Gadgets aren’t just expensive toys you sink money in. If a device makes you more efficient with your time, gives you more convenience and less stress, then they’re worth every penny. These three recommendations do that and more.

Now, what are you waiting for? Time is money. Go buy any of these gadgets at your earliest opportunity.

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