10 Tricks In Applying PPC On Your Site

PPC (pay per click) is a type of internet marketing and aims at generating traffic and converting that traffic to sales. It is similar in principle with other forms of internet marketing like such as SEO (search engine optimization) or social media marketing. In pay per click campaigns you need to pay attention to the quality of your landing page if you want conversions. But the first priority is to make people to click your ad. This can be more challenging because your landing page enjoys the complete attention of the visitor whereas your ad is competing with many such ads all with the sole purpose of capturing the visitors’ attention. So how do you make your ad draw the attention of the viewer like a magnet? Well here are 10 tricks in applying PPC on your site.

PPC Pay Per Click Tricks

10 Tricks in applying PPC on your site

  1. Pose a question: A question always arouses curiosity and a reply is automatically springs into the mind of the viewer. If you pose a question on your headline like “Are you a student aspiring to do MBA?” then the reader will automatically look into the ad to know what does the question lead to and you can expand on the question like “visit our website for complete details of all MBA courses in UK”.
  2. Use Colons: A usage of a colon indicates you are going to define an idea and automatically the reader notices the content following the colon. For example “The ultimate fashion: XYZ party dresses”.
  3. Sprinkle Humour: People always are attracted to humour. If your ad content has humour in it and makes people smile or laugh people tend to associate ad with positive emotions and they will receive your message better.
  4. Regional flavour: Add some regional flavour to your ad. Use name of city names or locality names. And viewers from those areas will be automatically attracted towards the ad. For example “Looking for places to dine in California?”
  5. Usage of Power words: Some words are termed as power words in marketing terminology and usage of them would get your ad some attention. Examples of power words are exclusive, expert, super, free and secret.
  6. Narrate a story: Without simply being monotonous and repeating your product’s or services’ merits and features try to be innovative and narrate a storyline and make it interesting
  7. Use of emotions: If your ad appeal to the senses (vision, taste or touch) of viewers it would draw more attention. For example: Try our new chicken menu and it would delight your taste buds.
  8. Use personalisation: Your ad should address the specific audience it is targeted at. For example “Book your journey with us for an ultimate travelling experience”.
  9. Employ catch phrases: Use some popular catch phrases in your ad. Instead of making your ad a plain statement you can use catch phrases to make it interesting.
  10. Call to action: All ads should end with a call to action like “buy our product now to avail this exciting offer”. Such ads have the most click through rate.

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